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Fallout 3 Review by yours truly :)

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  • Fallout 3 Review by yours truly :)

    [ame=]YouTube - Fallout 3 Review[/ame]

    It is my first video and is very raw... I plan on continuing my reviews.
    You can also find the full written review at

    lemme know what you think. Im all ears.

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    Very good review, I will be checking out your other reviews as well.
    Good Job!


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      I got bored of that game quick, I guess I cant play single player games anymore :(.


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        EFD it took a bit of a grind for me as well... about 3 hours into the game i actually started to enjoy it.... and soon enough the story was so enticing i found myself wanting to play more and more just to find out what happens next.... its like a good book...


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          Fallout 3 was a sound success after being without the Fallout franchise for so many years. It included the spirit, desolation and the atmosphere of a nuclear apocalypse just like its predecessors. Bethesda pulled off a very neat job with keeping the Fallout franchise in its course, yet I think the best one will be from the Obsidian Entertainment, Fallout: New Vegas, since the core team includes designers from the old fallout series, and I think they will utilise the new engine to give us the best fallout experience yet with all its humor and glory.


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            My thoughts exactly! Cant wait for fallout new vegas :) I think it will put a large damper on the production of new videos though.... lol.... with fallout 3 absorbing 100+ hours of my time on new DLCs and i havent even bothered with mothership zeta..... some people disagree with DLCs.... but i dont find a problem with them so long as they add at least 3 - 5 hours of gameplay and arent thrown together like a sack of potatoes.....