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[Let's have a tournament] What online multiplayer PC game you play and like

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  • [Let's have a tournament] What online multiplayer PC game you play and like


    What online multiplayer PC game you like and would be willing to take part in tournament?
    My idea is to gather info about games that you like and maybe start a tournament! But first i want to make a poll so we can decide all on what game we pick. :)

    It can be also an old PC game.. My list:
    • League of legends
    • Counter-Strike 1.6 / GO
    • Unreal tournament (gold edition) - if i remember correct. old game
    • Medal of Honor: allied assault
    • Worms: Armageddon
    • FIFA?
    • XCOM 1

    Please suggest your own list.. It can be online free games or paid games.. :) If you remember another game you like, please write it as new post!

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    No one is interested or no time for games!? :(


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      Rainbow Six Siege. It's the best online game (well, at least shooter) for now and it has no real competitors. And it's getting more and more popular! I even started streaming it. On this website I found a guide about streaming cams, I also upgraded my PC and now I try to gain viewers :D


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        Dota is still the number one for me. I really like how competitive it is. You can try out playing after using an dota 2 mmr boost and you will really be amazed how skilled some people there are. There is always something to learn and I like games that are such rewarding. I really feel satisfied every time I see that I became better at the game.


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