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  • Best/Popular FPS games and recommendations

    Hi All,

    Want to get into another FPS game, as I enjoy them but haven't played one for a while.

    I'm a fan of:
    • co-op round-by-round squad-based games (think Counter-strike),
    • games set in the current ERA in terms of weapons (i.e. I prefer 'current' to lasers or WW2 style games),
    • games which tend not to be ruled by 'sit-n-snipe'
    • games heavy on non-core mods (e.g. counterstrike prison break etc.) - I'm just not a fan

    Last game I really played was CS:GO, but I probably enjoyed original CS and CSS more, and my favourite was an old UT mod called 'Tactical Operations) - that's going back 15+ years.

    Any suggestions given the above? I was thinking maybe Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


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    Hey [MENTION=203788]crazyiceking[/MENTION]. I'm not sure if you're still looking, or already joined Rainbow Six, but I might suggest Overwatch.

    I too played CS:GO, along with some of my brothers. I also enjoyed Team Fortress 2 myself. My brothers and I switched to Overwatch around when it was released, and have thoroughly enjoyed the trip so far.

    It has 6v6 games, has mostly "normal" weapons (shotgun-type, machine-gun type, pistol-type etc.) along with some unique abilities for each character (self-heal, stuns, etc.).
    As far as game modes, there is only KOTH, 2-CP, Payload, and mixed payload/CP, but various maps for those.
    Additionally, new content comes out for free every 3 months or so, adding spice and flavor.

    Just my 2 cents on the matter.


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      If you're okay with too old school to be cool, then Strife is great for its fairly open world and mission-driven plot. Also, the Blake Stone duology is a more light-hearted and highly improved space Wolfenstein 3D that I recommend highly. The last 3D-rendered FPS I played through completion was Postal 2, which can easily be a mindlessly fun GTA-ish filler game if the premise seems too ridiculous.


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        How about Call of Duty? You can pretty much choose the setting and kind of guns by choosing a particular game in the series :)


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          Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


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            Hardcore CS:GO player here (3k5 hours played on GO) : CS:GO is a really good FPS but you have to play a lot to enjoy it. If you want a casual experience and very fun at the same time, I'd recommand Overwatch, which is quite good. But my favorites are PUBG and H1Z1:KOTK since I really enjoy the Battle Royale mode. You should check them out, they don't cost that much and it's really fun to play alone or as a team.


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              Try H1Z1: King of the Kill I love that game even though it has many flaws, open world fight to the death battle royale type of game till the last man standing, you can also do duos and fives. It's really fun check it out!