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  • FF7 remake opinions

    Yes, I know there's only two kinds of people in this world, those who love FF7 and those who either don't understand, worship FF6 or is just too young to have been forced to pick a side. So this targets the group who started drooling when they released the footage. Being one of them I'm now getting this sick feeling in my gut as there's a thousand ways for them to screw this up.
    I'm now hearing that they intend to release this in pieces over time, which IMO would be cruel, treacherous and possibly an attempt of talent-less hacks standing on the corpse of something great to squeeze loyal fans of hard earned cash.

    I'm starting the get doubts now as it sucking would be kind of bad, but a expensive dragged out extended train-wreck of a suck would be an order of magnitudes worse. Their track record seems to get worse as the graphics get better. I'll be happy with a full butchered version of FF7 on one disc, since it'll be in HD and all. But a small piece of hacked up FF7... :(

    Makes me want to breakout my snes emulator...

    What's your opinions, think they got the talent to avoid wrecking something great, willing to wait years and get it in pieces.