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Anyone else watching games more than playing lately?

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  • Anyone else watching games more than playing lately?

    Now that I've got a full time job, family, etc, I have less time than ever to sit down and just play a game in front of my PC or on a console. The interest is still there, for the most part, though. I get a little gaming in, but mostly it's mobile/tablet stuff (generally emulated/ported stuff -- most made-for-mobile games annoy me, but that's a separate converation).

    Since game streaming has really blown up in the last few years, I find myself spending more time with that -- watching speedruns, twitch streams, let's plays, etc. It lets me experience some part of games I'm interested in, without the full commitment. Often I can work or do something else at the same time, particularly if there's a lively or interesting commentary accompanying the games.

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    lol, exactly same here,

    Had a custom pc for gaming, sold it and now occasionrally watch Youtube videos and live streams.


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      Yeab, some gamers are just too funny and crazy not to watch. I do prefer youtube cause some of them have great editing skills and awesome sound effects too


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        Not more than, but i do partake in the odd watching of/having on Twitch on my xboxone primarily when i am feeding/playing with my little baby, when i cant actually play but have the urge to.. especially for games i know i can't buy!... reading that back it sounds like i don't play/feed my boy.. oops..


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          I particularly enjoy the Awesome/Summer Games Done Quick guys, as I get to see parts of games and techniques I would never otherwise see. That plus the interesting commentary ("he's doing this because it exposes some weird bug that causes this other thing to happen") and the amount of material (two marathons a year), has been really great. I'm definitely glad someone has the time and energy to do what these people do.

          What channels/feeds/etc are you guys usually watching?


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            I've definitively done this. Especially for some old school adventure games from my childhood I missed out on the first time around.

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              One of my flatmates watches that a lot, but I don't understand the interest of watching somebody else play. I heard the other day there are people that are even starting to program on streaming. Watching other people program. That's the future.