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Top Ten! Or nine. . . or six? + rating/judging

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  • Top Ten! Or nine. . . or six? + rating/judging

    Gamers of T-I! List off your favorite video games of all time! This list MIGHT include games that you couldn't stop playing at some point in time. Or games that you enjoy playing with your friends. Or games that you feel immerse you in it's action. etc. And once you're done, rate other T-I users' lists. (Grammar is hard.)
    I'll start us off. . .

    1. Warcraft 3 TFT. The custom games back in the day WERE sooo much fun to play with friends.
    2. Braid. Who doesn't like a good puzzle platformer that is unique and also a good challenge?
    3. Minecraft. Really great multiplayer, and even today, it's still fun to play with friends.
    4. Majora's Mask. My favorite Zelda.
    5. Half-Life. When this game came out, as well as all of the expansions I remember geeking out.
    6. Halo. It doesn't really matter what game you're playing, if you're playing with friends it's going to be a good time.
    7. Splinter Cell. Same thing as Halo.
    8. FF7. It's really cliche that everyone has this listed as their favorites, but it's for a good reason. It's my favorite Final Fantasy by a long shot.
    9. Fallout NV. When it comes to creating a believable universe, nobody does it better than Bethesda, or in this case, Obsidian piggy backing on Bethesda to create a phenomenally good game.
    10. The Misadventures of Mr. PB WinterBottom. It's a puzzle platformer like braid but with it's own unique twist. Also enjoyable.

    Honorable mentions; Counterstrike, LoZ: Wind Waker, SSBM / SSBB, LoL, BF4, Mario party, and Mass Effect.

    ps My own list is a 10/10 ;)

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    In no specific order:

    1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    Yeah I know, it's not perfect. In fact it's far from being perfectly balanced and nowadays the visuals do look a little aged. But it's one of THE best game to play with friends. I still remember many rage quits and broken mice. But, hell, it was worth it.

    2. Battlefield 3
    It is a shooter like MW2 but it couldn't be more different. Instead of chaotic fun you can play strategical to be successful, feeling like a real squad of soldiers together with your buddies. I spent so much time on Operation Firestorm, Damavand Peak, Island Kharg, etc. No ragrets. LOL

    3. Pokémon (pretty much every single one of them)
    Do I need to explain? I think not.

    4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    This game offers so much. An immersing world, freedom of choice, many, many awesome weapons fully configurable to suit your needs and MODS. Mods are probably one of the best thing ever happened to gaming. The possibilities are endless. You want to have a big ass sword to crush those pesky Draugrs? There you go. You like magic and want to customize your own spells? Go ahead. You like trains and want to fight them? Yep. The game alone is good, but the mods make it a masterpiece.

    Hmm, well, there are tons of games I enjoyed playing as well but these are quite certainly my all time favorites. Until now at least.
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      2.HARD RAIN
      5HALF LIFE 2