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games for mac?

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  • DragoonC
    Mac gaming

    The most obvious ones that come to mind is Borderlands 1+2 and BioShock 1, 2 and Infinite. I think they're all avalible on the App-Store.

    Just be careful if you're a Steam-user, because Borderlands 1 and BioShock 1+2 don't include a Mac-edition when you purchase them as far as I know. If you don't mind Steam, its library of Mac-titles have grown to a fairly respectable size, so have a look at their Mac-section. Same goes for if you prefer your games DRM-free and awesome.

    If you liked Arkham Asylum, I'd suggest its sequel, Arkham City. If you're into old-school RTS, Warcraft III is Mac-compatible and purchasable from Blizzards own webstore - but be warned - the Mac install-file is not compatible with the last few updated versions of OSX. I had to install it on my gfs MacBook and then bring the installed directory to my (more up-to-date) MacBook Air for it to work :s Go figure.

    Whilst PC still has a much, much larger selection of games, Mac has been gaining grounds in recent years, and while I still use a PC for my main gaming-needs, you'll still be able to find quite a few gems for OSX. If you don't mind going retro and some shady pirating (and somehow I feel you don't, due to the nature of this site) you have a wealth of great games to play through emulators :)

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  • rpwdesign
    started a topic games for mac?

    games for mac?

    I have a mac (please dont use this thread to debate pc vs mac) and was wondering if anyone knew of any good games I can play? Obviously choiced are limited. I have Arkham Asylum, Sims 3, and Starcraft II.