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  • Multi gaming system

    hey guys im not sure if this was thought of or posted but i thought of it awhile ago and was curious if its possible?????

    is it possible to have a multi gaming console where you can play any game that you have original or burned?

    what if? say you have a tower and you have a drive from play station 1 for Xbox and so on. Something that would look like a multi bay burner perhaps and has all the vcards and whatever else it takes to run the system. Does all this hardware exist that we can buy and bulid this ultimate machine

    if anyone is an expert in this sort of tech stuff would love to get some info and views from everybody and your thoughts?

    UnLeash The BeasT!

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    This idea was lurking in my mind and thinking it is a great idea. We have the stuff to make it but there is still the planning to make it. Pretty confusing if I say so.


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      I think such a project is nothing but a pipe-dream.

      Never mind that all consoles had their dedicated controllers (and ports), the innards of the consoles aren't just interchangable on a whim, and won't really communicate with foreign components unless you heavily rewrite the BIOSes and whatever else. Though the Xbox360 graphics chip is technically strong enough to render NES games, it won't "just do it" if you hook it up to an old NES you have laying around.

      I suppose you could crack them all open and reassemble them inside one cabinet/tower like this guy did with his retro-consoles - but that's basically just a glorified casemod that unifies them. You still need individual ports for controllers, cartridges and CD-roms as well as a switch telling the box what to send to the TV at any given time.

      The closest thing you'll get to one console playing all games for all consoles, is a PC hooked up to your telly.

      Get ROMS/ISOs, emulators, sufficient HDD capacity to store it all, a USB gamepad and fullscreen it. Heck, with emulators you can add filters, upscale, mod and save-state all of your favorite games. It's much easier than trying to make a Frankensteins-monster-console out of the actual physical things.

      Just keep your current gen-consoles until proper working emulators emerge in about a decade or so :P


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        The closest I've come to this is a hacked Wii + emulators and Virtual Console content. Yep, I can play Sonic 2 on my Wii. It's pretty cool.

        If you wanted to build the "ultimate console", [MENTION=178370]DragoonC[/MENTION] is right. You'd pretty much have to stack every console and build a case around it.