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Pokemon X/Y Friend Safari FC Exchange

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  • Pokemon X/Y Friend Safari FC Exchange

    So after you beat the elite four you can go to the friend safari. For everyone friend you have it adds up to three pokemon of a specific type. To get the third pokemon they must also have beaten the elite four and be online in the actual game. Please post your friend code and in game name so we can help each other get more pokemon. I can tell you what type/kind of pokemon you have if needed when I get a chance. You can't see your own type/residence so someone needs to look it up for you in game.

    I will start.

    Friend Code: 1521-3675-0727
    In game name: Theo
    Pokemon type and residents: Ghost - Lampent, Phantump, Spiritomb

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    I'm surprised no one's taken advantage of this yet! I added you already and if the offer's still open here's mine:

    3DS name: jun (in-game my name is Jo)
    Friend code: 0877-1427-0893
    Pokemon type: AFAIK I have fire with Pansear, Pyroar and Fletchinder. I could use a double check though.

    Signed, desperately-seeking-more-pokemon.