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The best/worst games you ever played ?

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  • The best/worst games you ever played ?

    What is the best and the worst game you ever played ?
    for me its : COD MW3, BF2, Far Cry 3 and Sleeping dogs.
    the worst games are: Dead island, NFS Hot Pursuit, Dead Space, Dirt3.

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    Im just going to throw this into the pit because I just remembered it...

    Destruction Derby 2 !!!

    when I first was introduced to the PC 15 years ago... DD2 was magical...
    now you would look at it and go... "WTF are they !?"

    I wonder what we will have in another 15 years.. hopefully holographic stuff


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      DUke Nukem Forever was fun


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        Best Games in somewhat chronological order : Manic Miner, Atic Atac, Elite, Starquake, Populous, Oids, Dungeon Master, Secret of Monkey Island, Commander Keen 4, Doom, Dune, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Deus Ex, Warcraft 2, Unreal Tournament, Dungeon Keeper, Burnout Paridise, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Bulletstorm, Crysis 2 & 3, Skyrim, Minecraft.

        I've been playing games for a pretty long time.


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          Difficult to say but I think the best games for me:

          NES - Mario III
          This was sort of like the precurser to SNES super mario world but it had the map and racoon and all these cool things too. Just not as polished, but it did it before SNES.

          SNES - Super Street Fighter II
          Large roster of characters, Amazing combat, a game to have when arcades still existed. I liked this better than Mortal Kombat because the characters felt more balanced. I also didn't like how the characters jump attacks felt like crap in MK.

          N64 - Zelda Ocarina of Time
          This game had so much hype behind it. Then it lived up to it. This game could have made a mind blowing MMORPG if they were able to do that back then. It really did the 3D adventuring style really well and although not the first to do it, did it the best at that time (maybe even set the standard).

          PS2 - ?
          For some reason I don't remember many of these games. Can't name one that stood out to me.

          PS3 - Uncharted 2
          Beautiful graphics (especially for a console) combined with really addictive cover based gameplay along with strong story lines that make you like the characters. I found this game after playing through the first Uncharted. I played the game a few years after it was released, enjoyed the story so much that I anticipated part 2. Still one of the best games I've played for shooters. If you are close enough, you can go third person like in grand theft auto or some mmo's and just use physical attacks. If you are far enough away you can thin the herd by using ranged. Difficult to camp, best players are able to keep changing style of gameplay when the situations change.

          PC - Diablo II [Best Action RPG]
          The first game to truly get loot grinding perfect and did it with an addictive class system that wasn't completely overkliled. Unique gameplay that pushed a quicker pace of RPG that didn't exist at that time.

          PC - Dark Age of Camelot [Best MMORPG - PVP]
          The three realms (imagine in wow terms horde alliance and a third party) constantly battling each other. Battlegrounds held a large structure in the middle in control by one realm while the other two realms try to take it over (or attack each other). Realm with control gets to stand on the castle walls and defend the castle using ranged attacks (as they attack the gate) or defend against the rogues that manage to climb the walls. By far the best and most balanced pvp I've seen. It is missed.

          PC - Warcraft II [Best RTS]
          The last medieval RPG that I loved. Back in the day, various places like Heat gaming and msn gaming ran free servers for people to connect too so they could play with each other. Amazing fun, I don't remember enjoying an RTS more than this. Though Warcraft 1 did come close.

          PC - Guild Wars II [Best MMORPG - PVE]
          The two things that kept me glued to this game on release was the fact that everything you did pushed two paths of experience. Normally profession and leveling (even if you are exploring). You never felt like you were grinding one thing, every action seemed to push multiple things forward. The game does lose it's appeal when you max out level or profession (then it becomes like any other rpg), however until then it's really a ton of fun. The interchangable skills based on what weapon you use and the random events that automatically group people who are within the circle on the map make this a lively game and fun to level in.

          I can't name many bad games (though there have been many). The only one I can point too at this time was one I bought from steam for something like 3$ and I regret it with a passion. "Infestation: Survivor Stories". I watched one independant video review of it and felt that the gameplay would be fun. However when I kept disconnecting when I tried to go down a small hill (on three different servers and the same type of hill each time), I spent 20 minutes walking from a starting point to the nearest town only to disconnect. Horrendous game. I even (for the first time) read up on the rules of steam for refunds. This game made me aware that Steam doesn't offer refunds. Even if it's a purchase from less than an hour ago.


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            Based on the topic description I thought this was going to be about guilty pleasure games. Like, what are your favorite games that are generally considered to be bad games? I have a handful of NES games that I love but are frequently hated on. Specifically, Zelda II: Adventures of Link, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, and Milon's Secret Caslte. Yea, they are hard, but hey so is Battletoads!

            As for the best games I've ever played. I'll list some that may not be as well known from the era I grew up in:

            Kung Fu, A Boy and His Blob, Crystalis, Gumshoe, Minnesota Fats Pool Legend, and Kid Dracula (tho it's Japanese only)

            Plok, Cool Spot, Joe & Mac (I never realized people didn't know this game until recently), Claymates, Demon's Crest, Blackthorne, EVO, Rock 'N' Roll Racing, and Skyblazer!

            Gain Ground, Mazin Saga, Decap Attack, Mega Man: The Wily Wars, X-Men 2, and the Rolling Thunder sequels.

            As for worst games, there are so many it's stupid. Seriously, just get an emulator and complete game list for any console and you'll have so many terrible games you won't know what to do with yourself. Or just watch Angry Video Game Nerd :)
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              best COD, nfs MW, BF,fifa

              NFS Hot Pursuit


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                some of my favs are: far cry 2 and 3, portal 1 and 2, all the half life games. the worst game ive played recently was brink. the videos for brink where great and the game was so crap.


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                  Currently playing outlast - can only play like 30 minutes at a time because it scares the crap out of me.
                  Favorites include
                  Counter strike
                  day of defeat
                  BF2, BF3
                  All the COD series
                  Currently top xbox game is BO2
                  PC outlast
                  PS3 Diablo III

                  Old School Games:
                  Super Mario Brothers
                  Twister Metal
                  Hot Shots Golf


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                    age of empires 2 is by far the most fun i have ever had with a computer game


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                      Quite enjoyed Bioshock Infinite - didn't play the first two but the atmosphere in Infinite was mindblowing.


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                        Worst game ever played would have to be Rome: total War, that game was absolutely terrible, and for my best game ever played...Postal 2 :D For very obvious and hilarious reasons. :P


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                          Best game ever played is Dishonored. The gameplay, the story, the whole atmosphere. Just amazing :)


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                            Good ones: Dishonored, Borderlands 2, Saints Row IV, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Binding of Isaac, FTL: Faster Than Light

                            Bad ones: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct


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                              Best game ive ever played is Final Fantasy VI for SNES (I don't play games since 15 years ago). It was something fantastic to me at that age.