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Bioshock Infinite - What do you think?

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  • Bioshock Infinite - What do you think?

    Concisely: Short, but sweet.

    Got it on the PC last Friday for my b-day, figured I might as well. Never finished the first two out of laziness at first and then I switched console allegiance (from x360 to ps3), left my old DVDs unused. I had gotten far enough to get an idea of what the story was like, not that it matters so much with Infinite.

    From start to end, it took me about 10 hours. I really expected a longer game, but it's pretty much pure FPS. Other FPS games have similar length but usually have a heavy multiplayer component. It's a beautiful game, though, and the story is very good. It rewards trying to elucidate the whole story surrounding the player, and figuring out how it all works together is fun.

    Hopefully the DLC will fill out certain parts of the story. I'm not going to spoil anything in case someone who hasn't finished yet reads this. If you like FPS games in general this should be right up your alley, and if you like the Bioshock style and how it tells a story this is a must-get for sure.

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    I ve been playing since 7th april.
    Intresting story, really intesting. I remeber Far Cry 3 and best story and gameplay. Since Far Cry 3 i havent saw so intresting story.
    I played in Bioshock 1 and 2
    But as for me Bioshock Infinite now is the best game

    The last of Us is coming


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      The story was enough to ignore some of the flaws in the gameplay. The art style is amazing. I do not like horror games and haven't played the other two Bioshocks. Luckily this game only had a few jump scares but the rooms with the heads was tense. Brilliant game and I will have to replay it.


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        Game was awesome, wish there were some more puzzle elements, maybe with some kind of clever use of the rail system, but i have no complaints with the gameplay, aside from the fact that enemies blatantly ignore Elizabeth. I know the developers didnt want Elizabeth to be a perpetual escort mission, but i had a Vox machine gunner standing right in front of her, but he was trying to shoot at me across the map. my disbelief can only be suspended so far...

        The ending blew me away, I'm still figuring it out :P


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          just started playing it today

          i played and loved the first two but so far this one seems a lot better

          i really liked the graphics and art word , the city among the clouds looks absolutely beautiful


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            Game is awesome a lot better than the other two bioshock games. I start playing it yesterday epic storyline, good gfx and awesome gameplay.


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              It was pretty fun and had that feeling of being a complete powerhouse. I personally loved the air combat, it felt very Super Mario Sunshine influenced. Unless of course there was an earlier game which had you skeeting around on rails like that


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                This will get game of the year for sure. Maybe gtaV but i doubt it.


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                  I think they took too many shortcuts with the gameplay to facilitate a complex narrative. Bioshock 1 isn't exactly the pinnacle of complexity but they managed to dumb it down nonetheless. That was my only real disappointment.

                  Also, Big Daddies >>> Handymen.


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                    I don't finish many single player games because they usually bore me after a while, but this one was amazing. The story was spectacular and while I wish I could hold more than 2 guns at a time, it hardly matters. Elizabeth is also a spectacular character. This is a must play for any fan of video. Would highly recommend.
                    10/10 from me.