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    I got an idea that we should have a thread for game reviews. I'm sure there are a lot of places out there for them but I want the opinions of torrent-invites members.
    Now rather than just rating a game with some scale I thought about having some kind of template that takes into consideration most common factors of what makes a typical video game good or bad.
    No spoilers please!

    The template:
    Platform: (underline the version you played)

    Synopsis (really short), you can copy and paste this from somewhere but please use the quote feature and give a source if you do.

    Pictures if you like but remember to use only approved image hosts.

    Everything should be rated from 1 to 5, you can use decimals if you feel like it.

    Controls (1 - The game is unplayable; 5 - Movement is smooth, easy to learn, responsive)
    Game mechanics (1 - Complicated and illogical; 5 - The rules are clear and there is a well defined goal)
    Variation (1 - The game is repetitive and monotonous; 5 - There are lots of different activities in the game)
    Interaction (1 - There is nothing for you to do, the game progresses itself like a movie; 5 - Your actions affect the progress and can take a turn of events)
    Exploration (1 - You can't take a different path, most places are inaccessible; 5 - Ultimate freedom, You can go almost anywhere you like)
    Entertainment value (1 - You don't know why you are playing the game; 5 - Very enjoyable, arouses emotions)
    Replay value (1 - Playing it again would be identical to the first time; 5 - Feels like a different game)
    Length (1 - Way too long / short; 5 - Appropriate, not too long, not too short)
    Story (1 - Adds no value to the game, predictable, 5 - Highly immersive experience)
    Uniqueness (1 - You've played it before; 5 - Groundbreakingly innovative)
    Feel of accomplishment (1 - There are no incentives whatsoever to keep playing; 5 - Game is rewarding and you're dying to complete it)
    Difficulty (1 - The game is practically unbeatable / it's impossible to lose; 5 - Gives a good challenge, but you don't get stuck in one place for ages)
    Graphics (1 - Badly outdated / disturbs gameplay; 5 - Gorgeous for the platform in question, adds value to the game)
    Music (1 - Disturbing, you would rather turn if off; 5 - Memorable / enhances the atmosphere of the game)
    Sound fx (1 - Annoying, you would rather turn them off; 5 - Gives a sense of feedback / realistic / increases awareness / useful for the game)
    Technical innovations (1 - Immature, just a way to sell a bad game, serves no purpose; 5 - Brings gaming to a whole new level)
    Moddability (1 - No direct modification options; 5 - Well supported with good developer tools, can make own scripts etc.)
    Mods (1 - Nothing interesting; 5 - Lots of mods available / some really good ones)
    Customization (1 - No in-game customization; 5 - Level editor, character editor etc.)
    Artificial Intelligence (1 - Completely idiotic computer players, easy to beat the pattern; 5 - Very clever AI / mimics human behavior)
    Bugs (1 - Notable number of bugs that prevent the player completing the game or makes it very hard; 5 - Only minor bugs)
    Addiction level (1 - You have no interest to keep playing; 5 - You can't stop playing)
    Multiplayer (1 - Badly implemented; 5 - The shared experience is many times more fun than playing alone)
    Packaging (1 - Dull and lame; 5 - stunning, lots of nice accessories, bonus discs etc.)
    Overall score (1 This game sucks; 5 - Possibly one of your all time favorites)

    Feel free to add your own features to rate and skip anything that isn't relevant for the game in question.

    Title: Far Cry 3
    Platform: PC, Xbox360, PS3
    Genre: First-person shooter, action-adventure, open world
    Year: 2012
    Publisher: Ubisoft

    Far Cry 3 is set on a tropical island somewhere in the vicinity of the Malay Archipelago, between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.[12] After a vacation goes awry, protagonist Jason Brody must save his friends, who have been kidnapped by pirates and escape from the island and its unhinged inhabitants.
    source: wikipedia

    Controls: 3. Takes a bit time to get used to pressing shift once for running, menu navigation is terrible at least on PC. Other than that controls are quite typical for an FPS and learning key/mouse combinations for new skills is fun.
    Game mechanics: 4. I hardly crafted any syringes from plants but I put a lot of time finding animal skins to get new equipment. Once you have created a few ammo pouches and other gear you will however soon realize that you won't much be needing the same type of animal skins again.
    Variation: 4. There are many different activities in this game such as hunting, clearing outposts, assassination and unlocking radio towers. Downside is, if you have tried one of these activities once doing another one won't be much different.
    Interaction: 3. The story is quite linear so if you lose you just try again. Most of the people in the villages cannot be interacted with. There are hardly any destroyable objects in the game and some of them can't even be moved.
    Exploration: 5. The island is huge and you can move by foot, by car, on the water and in the air. Nothing really to complain about but some of the places look too similar.
    Entertainment value: 5. The game is easy to pick up and I can easily put hours playing it.
    Replay value: 3. The story I have only played once and I doubt I will play it again in a while. But can try to complete side quests and collect items after the main storyline is completed.
    Length: 5. Not too long, not too short.
    Story: 5. The story is epic with great voice acting and a very memorable villain named Vaas.
    Uniqueness: 4. I would like to claim that it differs from most first-person shooters. It has a bit of RPG style gameplay features.
    Feel of accomplishment: 3. I'm mostly doing side quests for the fun of it, but the rewards for completing them aren't that special: some money and exp, which of both can reach an upper limit.
    Difficulty: 2. Too easy, changing the difficulty setting in options doesn't seem to have a significant impact.
    Graphics: 5. Beautiful. Even on lower setting the game looks pretty.
    Music: 4. Not my style but it kinda fits the atmosphere nevertheless.
    Sound fx: 5. Great sounding effects.
    Moddability: 1. No modding tools apart from map editor, would be really nice to see mods for this game..
    Bugs: 5. Not certain whether I encountered any notable bugs, at least nothing too disturbing.
    Addiction level: 3. The game keeps you interested but there are many logical points where to stop gaming, which is good.
    Mulitplayer: -- . Haven't tried yet.
    Overall score: 4 / 5, It's an epic adventure.
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    Here is my review of Dark Souls

    1. Dark Souls (Released in 2011)
    2. Playstation 3 , Xbox 360 and PC
    2. RPG, Open World, Multiplayer

    Plot: Dark Souls has a minimalistic plot. Events and their significance are often implicit and left to player interpretation rather than fully shown or explained. Much of the story and lore of the world is given to the player through dialogue from characters within the world, item descriptions, or the scarce cutscenes. It is up to the player to put the pieces together.
    Credits to Wikipedia:

    Controls 4. You Learn the controls pretty easily, because there are not so many actions which you need to do and remember. I also remembered the controls easily after long break from the game, so this game controls are easily remembered.
    Overall controls are smooth and they are responsive.

    Game mechanics3. For newbie the game was quite illogical, because the game did not explain really well what you have to do, there was a goal, but the world was open so there were many possibilities where you could go and most of the times you could go wrong, so the game is not newbie friendly, but after you get hang of everything, game becomes more logical and not as hard as it used to be, because you learn and you become a better player.

    Variation 5. The game world has many different places which all look stunning, it had many hidden places too which are good variation. This game has tons of items, weapons, armors, rings (which give you boost) with those you can be anything what you want in the game and there is every many different weapons you can choose to be a strong weapon user of you could choose a fast katana or even something between them, there are so many weapons in the game that everyone finds their favorite weapon.

    Plus it's a big variation that a other live player can invade your single player world while you conquest the world and they can kill you or tease (hhaha). Also you can invite anonymous players to your world to play some co op no strings attached after the session is over, which is great variation and you can play online everywhere, because the single player and multiplayer are one thing. Well you need internet for these player interactions, but if you decide to play without internet even computer made players (which are not real players) can invade your world or you can co op with them

    Interaction 5. Game play is smooth and you progress like a king after you do certain events. There are also many possibilities with real live players, like co op, duel, arena fight and player invading. There are also game covenants if you do something you unlock something and half of those covenants are online covenants which encourage online interaction like you can curse other players or if they have done something wrong like killed some player you can invade their world as a bluephantom and kill them to get certain items. Also other players can leave false hints or real hints on the ground to guide other players to the wrong path or to the right path.

    Exploration 4. You can basically choose where you go, but you can't go everywhere, so it has its freedom and binds

    Entertainment 5. After you have completed the game 100 times like me you still find the game entertaining, because it's just so fun to invade other players and do co op with no strings attached. I personally love Player VS Player and the best part about it is that there are many options for it, you can invade other peoples world with force, you host your own duel matches, you just summon one player and fight with him and last you can go to the arena to fight , but arena has certain rules.

    Replay value 5. This game has replay valuer, because you can't do it 100% with one go also for player vs player builds you need to complete the game many times to get the best build. Fun part about the replay is that you can do it faster and faster after you have done it through few times, because you learn things. Nowadays I can complete the game with legit means about in 2-3 hours

    Length 3. Could be longer in my opinion. My first playthrough took about 30 hours after that the playthrough time started to become shorted and shorter quite fast that nowadays it takes only few hours unlike before.

    Story 2. This game doesn't really have a good story and it took some time to understand it. Don't get me wrong, I still recommend that everyone plays this game, the story just wasn't a big part in this game.

    Uniqueness 5. Innovative game. This idea has never been used before! Think of it, you play the single player mode normally and people can just invade your world and kill you. Also you can play the co op without no strings attached, which is definitely innovative for me, best part is that there is no microphone support as the developers felt that it's not needed in this game

    Feel of accomplishment 4. I myself felt that I needed to complete this game 100%, because the game was so innovative that it glued me to the screen for weeks after I got the game on release date. Also I felt that I needed to complete the game many times to get the best gear for my player vs player builds.

    Difficulty 4. Everyone says that this is the hardest game ever, but that is not true. The game was hard first, but after you learn the things in few playthroughs the game becomes more and easier and easier. So it's only about learning, this game will not be hard after you learn.

    Graphics 3. Graphics were little outdated, but it didn't bother me, funny part was though that the game looked exactly the same like this games spiritual predecessor Demon's Souls in 2009.

    Music 3.
    Music was stunning at first, but it got repetitive after some time. The music fit in the games atmosphere.

    Sound fx 4. Sounds were fun, for example the sound when somebody invaded your world, it was so scary that I always got a heart attack. Summoning sound was memorable too, overall all the sounds were fund and they fit in the game. Voice acting was stunning and they were not dubbed as they were in English in Japan too

    Technical innovations. 5. Very innovative game with unique ideas that we have not seen before.

    Moddability -. No such a thing in this game.

    Customization 3. When you start a character you can customize it widely... You choose many bizarre colors for the character and make the weirdest looking face ever... You can be a female or male, you can choose any race you wanna be, too bad there aren't many hair option. Also you can do cosplaying with the wide range of armors and equipments which the character has. I give 3 though, because after you have made your character you can't even change his hair style.

    AI 4.
    AI in this game is pretty smart, but sometime they fail too... The enemies are way smarter than the AI that are not enemies.. Why I know this, because after you attack a character that isn't a enemy he turns into enemy and becomes hostile.. If you purge your soul the characters that were hostile will become friendly again, but if you kill them they will never return in that playthrough.

    Bugs 2.
    One annoying unlimited spells bug and some other Player Vs Player unbalanced stuffs. Critical bug got fixed fast, but not critical bugs took some time, but at the end they balanced everything and fixed all important stuff which needed a fix.

    Addiction level 5.
    Was very addictive, I have played this game 500+ hours, because the playthroughs were fun. It was fun to do the game with no leveling and beginner weapons, online was fun with other players and it was enjoyable to gather all the weapons for my ultimate build. Very addictive.

    Multiplayer 5. Best multiplayer that has ever been made, because I have never seen such a multiplayer where people could invade your single player world and just come and kill you and the idea of co op with no strings attached was great. Also it had online covenants which was fun. In the multiplayer you could leave your own messages on the ground to guide or to midguide people in the game also when you were playing you could see bloodstamps of other player which revealed how they died and lastly you could see white ghosts which were real live players playing in the world.

    Accessories 5.
    You get a online guide, sound track, making of video and art book for the same price as you got a normal game, so their strategy to sell the game was innovative. Here is some pictures of my edition. The design of the package was really nice, just look at the layout of the back cover and be amazed!


    Overall score 5.
    Overall this game is one of my favorite games of all time, because it was so innovative and addictive with unique ideas which were implemented well.

    This is my first review ever so it might not be written well, so I apologize and I'm not native English speaker, so I might have many mistakes in the text, but please don't mind and enjoy my review.
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      Here is my review of Ninja Gaiden 2.
      Title: Ninja Gaiden 2
      Platform: Xbox 360
      Genre: Action Adventure, Hack and Slash
      Year: 2008
      Publisher: Microsoft

      Ninja Gaiden 2 is the sequel to the 2004 Xbox game Ninja Gaiden, you continue playing as badass Ninja Ryu Hayabusa. Note to anyone reading this, Ninja Gaiden 2 is one of the hardest video games on the Xbox 360, even the lowest difficulty level is harder than most games. This game is also extremely violent.
      Ninja Gaiden 2 Wiki Link
      Controls 4 I've played the first Ninja Gaiden so I knew what the controls would be like. The first level is basically the tutorial stage and you should get used to the controls pretty quickly. However, the camera is terrible.
      Game mechanics 5 You basically just kill things and there's some platforming. You have a main weapon, ranged weapon, and magic called Ninpo active at all times.
      Variation 5 You start off with one weapon but as the game progresses, you can pick up other weapons like the Lunar Staff (my favorite) Eclipse Scythe, and Tonfas. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses. The main weapons and the Ninpo can be upgraded using the in game currency. Enemies are also pretty varied.
      Interaction 2 This is a hack and slash not RPG.
      Exploration 2 The game is pretty linear, there's some side paths but they either lead to a new weapon, item, or side missions called Tests of Valor.
      Entertainment 5 This is a very fun but hard game. It feels very cathartic to destroy your enemies.
      Replay value 4 There's a new game plus mode where you can start the game over with all your weapons, ninpo, and life. Also, the game has achievements for completing it with just one of each weapons and all 4 difficultly levels. Good luck beating it on Master Ninja.
      Length 4 The game is decent in length, there's 14 chapters, I think it took me 10 hours to beat it on my first try.
      Story 1 The story is basically some enemy Ninja clan stole an artifact from Ryu's family and you're trying to recover that item. The story seems more like an excuse to go to cool places and kill things. It makes no sense but who cares? Nobody plays Ninja Gaiden 2 for the story anyway.
      Uniqueness 4 It's the sequel to one of most groundbreaking games on the Xbox, I can't think of any other game that comes close to the fast paced brutal combat in Ninja Gaiden 2 on the Xbox 360.
      Feel of accomplishment 5 It felt so good to see "Way of the Master Ninja" pop up on my screen, lemme tell ya. And seeing "Master Ninja of Missions" in Mission Mode was probably the proudest moment of my gaming career.
      Difficulty 1 This is probably the hardest game I've ever played, the game shows no mercy, good luck beating it on the easiest difficultly level. The hardest difficultly level, Master Ninja gave me gray hair and Mission Mode, the only DLC, is EVEN HARDER than the main game. Few have completed Ninja Gaiden 2 on Master Ninja.
      Graphics 4 The game is beautiful but the frame rate goes down when there's a lot of enemies on screen. Also, a couple of areas are pretty ugly and unimaginative.
      Music 3 The music is similar to the first game, a mix of rock and ambient that increases in tempo when you're engaged in a brutal fight. I mostly didn't pay attention to it or I played my own music but it's pretty good.
      Sound fx 5 The weapons sound great, and the Tonfa's special attack sounds like heaven to my ears.
      Innovation 3 Other than new weapons, attacks, techniques, and a regenerating life bar, the game plays almost the same as Ninja Gaiden.
      Customization 2 As stated before, you can equip different weapons and you can also select a different costume for Ryu.
      Artificial Intelligence 4 The enemies are mostly intelligent and ruthless. They show no mercy.
      Bugs 3 Most of the bugs were patched by Team Ninja making the main game pretty bug less in my experience. However, Mission Mode was pretty buggy for me at times.
      Multiplayer 2 The game has no multiplayer mode but there's a leaderboard and players can record their experience.
      Packaging 3 My copy was the Platinum Edition so it came with a code to download Mission Mode. Otherwise, the packaging is like other games.
      Achievements 2 As this is a Xbox 360 and I'm an achievement hunter, I thought it would be important to mention the achievements in this game. You will get most of them on your first playthrough but since this is one of the hardest games on the 360, but it's simply insane to max it out . And yes, I'm one of the few that actually did it.
      Overall score 4 This game was a very enjoyable but so damn hard, you'll want throw your controller at the TV and punch the wall , I really hate Chapter 11 on Master Ninja.

      Please inform me if I missed anything or if there are mistakes in this review.


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        Title: Batman: Arkham City
        Platforms: PS3, 360, PC, Mac, Wii U, OnLive
        Genre: Action-Adventure
        Year: 2011
        Publisher: Warner Bros.

        At a press conference held by Bruce Wayne to declare his opposition to Arkham City, TYGER mercenaries arrest and imprison him in Arkham City. Hugo Strange discloses his knowledge of Wayne's dual identity as Batman before releasing him into the prison's criminal populace.[73][74] While Strange prepares to commence "Protocol 10", Wayne obtains his equipment via airdrop from Alfred Pennyworth, allowing him to become Batman. He first saves Catwoman from being executed by Two-Face, who hopes to gain respect by murdering her.[17] After Joker attempts to assassinate Catwoman, Batman tracks him to his hideout in the Sionis Steelworks, believing Joker may know the truth behind Protocol 10.[18][75]

        Controls 4.5 - Most of the time, the controls are fast and responsive, however selecting certain items using the d-pad can be annoying when in a fight.
        Game mechanics 5 - There is a tutorial for all items and Batman's moves.
        Variation 4 - This is basically a GTA clone. You can do the main quest or you can do side missions, which have you doing things like taking down Zsasz, the Riddler, Deadshot, and saving political prisoners. You can also upgrade Batman's tools. There is also Riddler's Revenge mode.
        Interaction 3 - While there are side missions, there is no choice system like in RPGs.
        Exploration 5 - As stated previously, this game is a GTA clone, you can go anywhere in Arkham City.
        Entertainment Value 4 - This is a pretty fun game.
        Replay value 5 - Game has a new game plus mode.
        Length 5 - The main story is around 10-20 hours. Completing all the other activities will take you much longer.
        Story 4 - The storyline is okay, personally I don't really care.
        Uniqueness 3 - It's GTA with Batman's grapple, combat, and equipment.
        Feel of accomplishment 5 - It feels good to play a good licensed game. I know I'll feel good when I get the "Perfect Knight" achievement.
        Difficulty 4 - The difficulty is challenging but for the most part fair. The challenges will drive you nuts.
        Graphics 5 - The game is beautiful. I have no complaints about it.
        Music 4 - Nice music but I usually just used mine instead,
        Sound fx 4 - I love the sound of bone breaking. You will also overhear enemies conversations however there isn't much variety in them.
        Technical innovations 4 This is how all licensed games should be.
        Moddability N/A - No mods are available on the Xbox 360.
        Customization 2 - You can buy skins for Batman and other characters but that's pretty much it.
        Artificial Intelligence 5 - The AI is pretty smart. They will try to pick up objects on the ground to use against you.
        Bugs 5 - I've noticed only one bug.
        Addiction level 4 - Pretty addicting.
        Multiplayer N/A - There is no multiplayer.
        Packaging N/A - My copy was just a code to download the full game with the Catwoman DLC.
        Achivements 3 - Be warned, this will require time and effort to complete.
        Overall score 4 - Great game. Diffentaly recommended if you like Batman, open world games, or just good action-adventure games.

        To Mate88: Can you review a game which has been reviewed previously?


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          Originally posted by Finsternis View Post

          To Mate88: Can you review a game which has been reviewed previously?
          Yes, you can
          Thanks a lot for the review, looking forward to see more reviews in this thread.
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            Time for an old video game.
            Title: Diablo II
            Platform: PC, Mac
            Genre: Action-Adventure, Hack and Slash
            Year: 2000
            Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

            Diablo II takes place after the end of the previous game, Diablo, in the world of Sanctuary. In Diablo, an unnamed warrior defeated Diablo and attempted to contain the Lord of Terror's essence within his own body. Since then, the hero has become corrupted by the demon's spirit, causing demons to enter the world around him and wreak havoc.

            A band of adventurers who pass through the Rogue Encampment hear these stories of destruction and attempt to find out the cause of the evil, starting with this corrupted "Dark Wanderer." As the story develops, the truth behind this corruption is revealed: the soulstones were originally designed to capture the Prime Evils who were banished to the mortal realm after being overthrown by the Lesser Evils. With the corruption of Diablo's soulstone, the demon is able to control the Dark Wanderer. The soulstone of another demon, Baal, was united with the mage Tal-Rasha, who volunteered to absorb Baal's spirit in his own body and be imprisoned in a tomb.

            Controls 5 - Controls are pretty simple. You use the mouse for most tasks.
            Game mechanics 4 - Most of the mechanics are explained in the manual, which I haven't opened in years. You can use your weapons or your skills with ease.
            Variation 5 - You have 5 classes (7 with the expansion) to check out, all of them are different in their skills and equipment. You can also use almost every item with the right stats. The four acts also look pretty different, the first is the varied, second is a desert, third is a jungle, and fourth is Hell.
            Interaction 3 - This isn't a choice RPG like Oblivion but you can take on side quests if you wish.
            Exploration 5 - You can go anywhere possible, if you find the waypoints to areas, you can quickly travel to them. You can even travel to previous acts if you wish. If you know how, you can even travel to a secret level.
            Entertainment value 5 - This game is addicting as hell.
            Replay value 5 - Diablo II has hundreds of items that you can find, which means that it appeals to your inner munchkin.
            Length 5 - This is a game you can sink thousands of hours in, but the main story will take you about 10 hours, don't remember though.
            Story 2 - Who the Hell plays Diablo II for the story anyway?
            Uniqueness 5 - This game started the "Diablo clone", nuff said.
            Feel of accomplishment 5 - It feels damn good when you find that unique item you've looking for.
            Difficulty 5 (on normal), 2 (on Hell) - There are 3 difficulty levels: Normal, Nightmare, and Hell, and you gain access to the higher ones by beating the previous levels. Hell is almost impossible to solo because the game heavily debuffs you and buffs monsters. In Hell, almost every monster is immune to at least one type of attack. Say you're a fire based Soceress and you want to solo Hell? Good luck, you can't unless you have a merc not using fire. You'll also need the right items and stats to survive Hell, you pretty much have to play multiplayer for them. The only class that I can think of that has the least problem in Hell is the Paladin Hammerdin, and the items are a pain in the ass to get.
            Graphics 2 - This is a pretty old game by now so the graphics look very dated. However, the cutscenes are beautiful and still look great today.
            Music 5 - Pretty memorable music, every Diablo fan can recoginize the Tristram theme.
            Sound fx 4 - I don't have any complaints about the sound effects.
            Technical innovations 5 - Like stated previously, this game pretty much created a sub genre.
            Moddability ? - I know there's mods for it but I have never tried them.
            Customization 4 - While you can't change a character's physical appearance, for example, you can't play as a female Paladin or male Amazon, you can custtomize your character by changing stats and equipment, however most players online just use the same cookie cutter builds.
            Artificial Intelligence 3 - Most enemies just try to swarm you. Ranged enemies will stay back.
            Bugs 4 - Almost all of the bugs have been patched by now, however I remember that there was one very nasty bug.
            Addiction level 5 - This game is like crack.
            Multiplayer 4 - Multiplayer is great, you can create games with a max of 8 players. Want to play by yourself or just have your friends join you? Well, you can by adding a password. Unfortunatly, there's little you can do against griefers and scammers in open games.
            Packaging 1 - Pretty average. I've seen the Diablo Battle Chest, which has Diablo I, Diablo II, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.
            Overall score 5 - Love this game. Get it. Get the expansion too, makes everything so much better. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction is how DLC's and expansion packs should be done.


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              Title: Alone in the Dark
              Platform: PC, PS2, PS3, 360, Wii
              Genre: Survival Horror
              Year: 2008
              Publisher: Atari
              Story 1 - The story sounds like a B- movie horror flick. You start the game being beaten and almost killed by some weirdos when demonic forces save you (ironic). You discover that said weirdos are looking for a stone that they could use to bring back Lucifer and your objective is to stop them. The ending is very disappointing and abrupt.
              Graphics 3.5 - The graphics are the best part about this game. It definitely looks next-gen and it's pretty atmospheric and cinematic. Fire is a very important part of this game and obviously a lot of attention is paid to it. Flames lick the walls, spread, and just look great. However, the game doesn't have a health bar so when you're wounded, you'll see cuts on your body. Unfortunately, these cuts don't look realistic at all, in fact, they look as if they were like pasted over the character model. Occasionally, there's some clipping.
              Sound 2 - Most people really like the music but I personally don't. It's some kind of chanting but I dunno, I just don't feel it. Whatever. The dialogue is terrible, Edward (You) swears too much, seriously almost everytime he opens his mouth, there's an F word or S word. Now, I personally don't mind swearing at all but it seems that they're trying to make Edward sound tough and cool, and it just doesn't work. The dialogue is pretty cliche.
              Gameplay 0.5 - The gameplay is terrible. The control are bad. You use the right thumbstick to attack enemies with melee weapons, while that may seem like an interesting idea, it feels very clunky and awkward. You move like a tank. You can play in first person or third person perspective but the game will force you use one or the other for certain activities. For example, you are always in first person when firing a gun and while using a sword or chair, you are always in third person. I found it very disorientating. The camera also changes direction when platforming and this is a pain in the ass. As stated previous, fire is very important in this game since enemies can only be killed by fire. Shooting them will just knock them down so what do you do? You will need to combine items using the inventory system. Like in many other horror games, you can only carry a limited amount of items and instead of a menu system like a normal game, Alone in the Dark uses Edward's jacket. So, you open up your jacket and do something like pour gasoline on bullets which will turn them into flaming bullets.You can only carry about 8 items, something like that. Oh, and unlike in other games, using the inventory here is in real time. The game's realism is all over the map, for example, blinking is an actual game mechanic while a bush will pretty much almost destroy your car. Yes, driving is also involved and it's terrible. The cars handle very poorly and you have to use them quite a bit since a large portion of the game is spent traveling around New York's Central Park in either driving to locations or burning evil roots, which is just padding because you need to burn 75% of them in order to complete the game.
              Achievements 3 - Most of the achievements are simple, there are no difficulty achievements (thank god) but the worst one is burning all the roots.
              Mulitplayer N/A
              Replay Value 1 - The only reason to replay this game is if you missed an achievement and you don't even need to do that since you can just load up the section of the mission you need.

              Overall score 1.5 - This is a very bad game that had a lot of potential and some cool ideas, but fell short. I do not recommend this game to anyone except hardcore achievement hunters and people with extreme patience.
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                Title: Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings + The Conquerors expansion
                Platform: PC, Mac, PS2 (AoK only)
                Genre: Real-time strategy
                Year: 1999 & 2000
                Developer(s): Ensemble Studios
                Publisher(s): Microsoft, Konami (PS2)

                In Age of In Age Of Empires II The Age Of Kings -sequel to the award-winning Age Of Empires- you have 1000 years to lead your people through the Middle Ages to greatness. Control one of the most powerful civilizations of the time. Decide whether to conquer the world through military might, rule through commerce and diplomacy, or seize power by means of intrigue and regicide. There are many paths to power but only one civilization will reign supreme.
                source: the back of the package

                Controls: 5.
                You can play this game with the mouse only if you want, which is great, but there are lots of handy hotkeys that you can use speed up certain things. Left clicking single units or dragging boxes around units to select them and right clicking to perform actions with them is super intuitive in my opinion. If the controls aren't familiar to then the tutorial campaign will teach you that. At a time you can control about 30-40 units simultaneously. You can group soldiers in different kind of formations etc. The limit of units that you can control in total is 200, but you can get even above that by conversion. These limits are not bad at all, or at least I do not feel the need for any further control in this game.

                Game mechanics: 5.
                You collect resources (wood, food, stone and gold) to build new buildings, create new units, progress through the ages to unlock new buildings and units, and resarch technologies to strengthen the know-how and abilities of your civilization. Once you have created an army you can attack your enemies and try to defeat them. There are multiple of other ways to win a standard games as well and the campaigns have their own set of objectives, which are presnted to you one by one as you make progress or at the very beginning if it is a global objective. Even if this did seem too confusing to you now you could play the tutorial campaign and it would teach you everything you need to know to win a game in no time.

                Variation: 5.
                For one thing, in a standard game there are a couple of ways to win the game: conquer your opponents, collect all the relics or build a wonder. There are also different game types you can play: Deathmatch, Regicide, Defend the Wonder, King of the Hill, Wonder Race. You can make allies with other players, you can send tributes, you can trade goods in the market etc. There are as many different strategies to win the game as you can think of. With monks you can convert enemy soldiers, in some cases even buildings. There are 13 (+5 in the expansion) different civilizations in the game each with their own strengths, their own unique units, team bonuses etc. Try one and try another one and you'll notice how much the game has to offer, the different civilizations also look different and speak different. There are 4 different ages through which you play in the game: Dark Age, Feudal Age, Castle Age and Imperial Age, which in total cover a timeframe of 1000 years.

                Interaction: 5.
                You are like a god when you play this game, in control of everything and you got lots of buttons to try out whenever you select a unit or building. For instance the villagers can be put to work in many different ways: you can put them to collect food in various manners (hunting animals, finding some sheep or turkeys, gathering berry bushes etc.), they can be used to explore the map, they can build new buildings for you, they can join in attacking enemy soldiers and you can garrison them inside buildings.

                Exploration: 5.

                Exploring the map is an essential part of the game. You walk into black areas on the map to discover new tiles of the playfield. Once the landscape has been discovered it will be visible in your mini map and it won't change. Enemy units, buildings and resources on the map, however, are update only in those areas that are within your units' line of sight. The areas out of your sight are covered by "fog" thus you don't know for sure what's happening there and the building or relic you last saw there might be gone next time you get there. The maps have elevation changes, there are cliffs and rocks and forests and there are also areas covered by water on which you can move with boats and ships. In the expansion there's also snow and ice. There are also different map sizes so if you are playing a custom game you can decide the size you want to be able to explore around.

                Entertainment value: 5.
                This is a game I started to like from the very beginnig when I saw my older brother playing the demo version of it. Of course this isn't a cinematic experience like other type of games but for some reason this game kept me interested even when I didn't play it myself - maybe because you don't know the outcome beforehand. It's like watching sports, you don't know what's going to happen until the finish line has been crossed.

                Length: 4.
                The campaigns have a good length in general. In the random map games it can get very different. The length of the game is essentially determined by how well you do in the game. Play well and it can end quickly, play bad and it can end even quicker, but a tough play where one player is as good as the other it could take hours and hours to the point where all the resources on the map have vanished. You can affect the length of the game also simply by changing the game speed in the settings. You can also pause the game at any given time (unless you are playing online) and save it where you want. The reason why I only give 4 out 5 is the multiplayer game online where your opponents can be really tough and you really need to reserve a lot of time in order to play the game to the end instead of players giving up to have time for other things.

                Replay value: 5.

                For one thing, discovering all the different game modes and civilizations are going to take you a while. You will have had a lot of plays by the time you have learned the most of the different civs. Perfecting your strategy is another thing that is going to keep you playing this game over and over again. And the random map generator ensures that you won't have identical plays and of course there are a lot of entirely different map types as well.

                Difficuly: 5.
                There are 5 different settings to choose from, (easiest - hardest), so you can't really go wrong here, though I doubt the easier modes will give you any challenge, but of course it is the player who has the freedom of choice. And if the computer players aren't hard enough for you, you can set up a game to play against several computer players and if that becomes too easy then play online.

                Graphics: 4.

                Perfect up to 1280x1024 resolution, pre-rendered objects and animations, you won't see graphical glitches in this game. With screens bigger than that it's just not optimal at all. Peronally I like the graphics of the original game better than the graphics in the HD remake.

                Soundtrack: 4.

                I really like it. But after playing the game for hundreds, maybe thousands of hours it does get repetitive (even though it never bothers me).

                Sound fx: 3.

                Generally good. But they lack variation and especially the alarm sounds get annoying pretty quickly.

                Customization: 5.
                You decide what kind of game you want to play when choosing a scenario map. You can define a large set of settings before opening a new scenario. You also have a map editor in this game, which I love, to create your own scenarios. Not only can you design the maps as you like and make them look as good as if not better than the maps that come with the game, but you can also create triggers with events based on conditions. And this is basically programming on GUI level. And if that wasn't already enough, there is even an opportunity to write your own AI (simple scripts) according to which the computer players will act.

                Artificial intelligence 4:
                The computer players have some generally good strategies, but they can also have various personalities so that different computer players behave differently even on same difficulty setting. The different civilizations also have their own specific AI scripts that they will try to follow a strategy that takes advantage of the differences between the civilizations. What I have found a bit disappointing though is the fact that the only reason why the hardest difficulty setting is better than the other difficulty levels is the fact that the resources from the beginning of the game are higher for the computer players, thus the AI isn't too good to be honest. I have tried learning the AI scripting language for this game to make my own and in a couple of days I had a working script that would defeat the other computer players even on the highest difficulty setting.

                Bugs: 5.

                Nothing that prevents me from playing the game. Some dead farms remain on the map for some reason at times and sometimes the computer players get stuck at too narrow places. But no freezes, which is the main point for me.

                Addiction level: 5.
                This game is like dope. I have a faint idea about the hours I've put on this game, at least hundreds but could be thousands of hours.

                Multiplayer: 4.
                This game works great through LAN. You can play it online on servers too, but finding the right opponent for you is not easy. There are usually enough players around though so you should not have to wait too long.

                Packaging: 4.

                It looks good and it has everything I need, the CD, a booklet with all the required information about the game including full technology charts for the different civilizations for you to examine. Even though this quick guide book is short and teaches you the very basics of the game it also servers a brief strategy guide.

                Overall score: 5
                For me this is The One and I have played it the most by far comparing to any other game. I pick it up again time after time to perfect my strategies and to enjoy the near perfect game.
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                  Title: Shenmue, Shenmue 2
                  Platform: Dreamcast, Xbox (Shenmue 2 only)
                  Genre: FREE (full reactive eyes entertainment, a.k.a sandbox)
                  Year: 1999, 2001
                  Publisher: Sega
                  Developer: Sega AM2

                  Ryo Hazuki, who lives in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan, in the mid 1980's witnesses his father being killed by a man named Lan Di who knows a rare style of martial arts, a deadly style. Lan Di also steals a rare mirror and then he disappears. Ryo decides he wants take revenge and the story begins. He gathers information by talking to the people in the town trying to find clues about where Lan Di might have gone. On the way he gets into various situations and fights. As the game progresses Ryo will learn a lot about martial arts.

                  Controls: 2.
                  Quite frankly the controls were awful. Moving is very difficult and the analogue stick behaves unexpectedly. Fights work really well though and that's the only reason I don't give a 1 for the controls. The game also features quick time events (QTE's) where you are supposed to press buttons quickly as they show on the screen, but there is some delay in the input and sometimes you can swear you hit the button soon enough yet you fail.

                  Game mechanics: 5.

                  The game is about getting clues, which you get by talking to people and then Ryo writes them down in his notebook. If Ryo finds items he will put them in his back bag. After finding clues you can progress with the story line. You will encounter fights, in which you are supposed to use martial arts to defeat the opponents and you have a bunch of different moves you can use. You can also learn new skills, and by practicing or using a lot of certain moves time and time again they will also increase in power. In certain scenes there are these quick time events in which you are supposed to quickly hit certain buttons on your game pad and the outcome of the scene depends on whether you are successful with the QTE. The quick time events can be very tricky at times, but if you fail you usually get a new chance to try, pretty much indefinitely, at least if the scene is important to complete in order to continue the main story. Also some money is needed in the game from time to time and you have options to sell stuff that you have found or even get a job in the game to get paid.

                  Variation: 4.

                  The game mechanics already ensure there is a lot to do in the game. The world is filled with different characters with their own lines, different looks and personalities. There are side quests and a lot of stuff you can engage with in addition to the main story line. Sometimes the game play does get repetitive as you notice the pattern: go there, get that, bring it here style of favors for which you get in return something that you need to continue with the story.

                  Interaction: 5.
                  You can talk to any character in this game, you can enter many of the buildings or at least knock on the doors etc. while talking to certain people doesn't lead you any further with the game progress many of them add depth to the story providing you with more information. There are tons of activities apart from the story line, there are vending machines, jukeboxes, convenience stores, and even an arcade hall with fully playable mini games.

                  Exploration: 4
                  At the time the game was released it surely was something extraordinary. Compared to today's sandbox games the game world may seem rather small and you can't get very far. But you do have the freedom to walk around the town pretty much as you want.

                  Entertainment value: 5.

                  I like all the aspects of the game play, add to that the awesome atmosphere created for the game and the engaging story it doesn't get much better than this. From sneaking around to running after people to fighting with bullies etc. you are in for an experience.

                  Replay value: 3.
                  The story remains the same, but there are tons of stuff that you can do differently in the games.

                  Length: 5
                  Not too long, not too short.

                  Story: 5
                  The story is exciting and interesting. In the end this is what I play this game for. Only negative is that the second Shenmue game ends in a cliffhanger and there is no ending until there is (if ever) a Shenmue 3.

                  Voice acting: 1 or 5.
                  The voice acting in the English version is so bad that it's great because it's so funny. The characters couldn't sound more stiff than they do in this game. You might prefer to play the game with Japanese audio and English subs instead .

                  Uniqueness: 5.
                  For it's time it was one of its kind. Even today I would say it differs a lot from most games.

                  Difficulty: 4.

                  Fights can be easy, and they can be tough, the quick time events can be really hard but then again you get multiple tries. I think it's quite well balanced.

                  Graphics: 5
                  Beautiful. Even today the game looks great, in specific the characters are very detailed, you can even see their veins.

                  Music: 5.

                  Probably one of the best music scores ever made.

                  Technical innovations: 5.

                  This game was the first of it's kind on so many levels, at least with all the elements in it combined simulating real life elements. It has a real-time weather system, open game world that at least to some extent is modeled from real world places and an in-game clock (morning/day/evening/night), to name a few things. I think you could say that Shenmue gave birth to what we know as sandbox or open world games today.

                  Overall score: 4.5 / 5

                  It's an epic adventure. But there are certain problems with game like the controls for instance.
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                    Good thread mate88! Making it a sticky as it fits the section perfectly.
                    Hopefully more reviews will pop up now ;)
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                      I am a new member of TI and I just love gaming mostly with PC so I thought that I'd gave a try for this.

                      Title: Dragon Age Inquisition
                      P latform : PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
                      Genre: Action roleplaying
                      Ye ar: 2014 Q4
                      Publisher: Electronic Arts, (dev. Bioware)

                      Dragon Age Inquisition is set on time after Dragon Age Origins & DA2. The peace conference between Circle (mages) and Templars is destroyed in a large explosion which opens the Breach - a gateway to Fade (spirit world). The player gets the role of the only survivor of the conference. One who accidentally got the power to end the Breach and so the adventure begins.

                      Controls - 4
                      Controls are solid and you won't be dying because of those. The backpack menu is bit too console friendly as PC-user.

                      Game mechanics - 4
                      If you have played the Dragon Age Origins - you will definitely see a difference in tactical camera. It has different angle on it and you cannot anymore zoom out as much as the original one. The survival of your characters depends how good use you put your tactical skills as you can also pause the time to position and make use of your skills as you like. :)

                      Variation - 4
                      There is so much to do in Inquisition. Overall casual completeonist got almost 300 hours of worth activities and quests and speed-runners have made through the main story in 30 hours. Even the smallest quests make a difference in storyline and you just want to do those to see what happens next.

                      Interaction - 5
                      Interaction got huge role in this game as you really can make a difference. You can gain group of followers through the game and make use of those or you could just decline everyone and complete the game yourself (this is highly not recommended as the game is tough even with group!). Everything links together and you can import world states of your previous saves to change dialogues even from the beginning.

                      Exploration - 4

                      There is lot to explore as you progress the game but at start it is limited to few regions until you get access to wartable. You can go wherever you like - only 'restriction' you have is that if enemies level is way higher than you and your group gets almost one-hit to death.

                      Entertainment value - 5

                      All the dialogues bring the smile to your face as there is really funny characters in game. Bioware also took the next level the romance options with same-sex options and dialogues - its just amazing how they got this all packed up!

                      Replay value - 4
                      If you change the decisions what you have made previously you might get some of the cities that was there first time burned to the ground as you chose 'poorly'. And some town's leader might be totally different if you didnt save him/her in Origins/DA 2.

                      Length - 2
                      Some might call this way too long but I enjoyed playing this every second!

                      Story - 5

                      As I told before the story is the best thing in the whole game.

                      Uniqueness - 4
                      The Dragon Age serie is really different than the most games as you just cant run in the fight and expect to win everytime even with the easiest difficulty.

                      Feel of accomplishment - 4

                      You just want to find out what is going to happen next.

                      Difficulty - 3
                      Some fights might feel like that you cannot win and you are right. If you cannot win enemies yet - go explore some place else and level up a bit more the same time and come back later. The dragon fights are really tough - which you will see!

                      Graphics - 4
                      The enviroment just looks gorgeous and you sometimes just stand there and view the looks. NPC's faces were the only thing that dissapointed me as I like good looking characters. Almost every area of the game is themed differently so you just dont run in the desert or forest all the time.

                      Music - 3
                      Music is good and enhances epic battles.

                      Sound fx - 3

                      Nothing game breaking here.

                      Technical innovations - 3

                      Uses Frostbite engine - the same as Battlefield series. Non-moddable, divides the fans between haters and likers.

                      Moddability - 1
                      No more legally moddable because the new engine. There is few user made mods but those change engine-code.

                      Customization - 3
                      Dragon Age Keep designed for world state imports so you can experience the decisions you made from your previous games. Or you could just change the ones you regret making.

                      Artificial Intelligence - 3
                      AI is sometimes tough to beat but with right skill-set and group choice most of the fight are kind of easy. If you choose poorly you just get killed almost all the time. :p

                      Bugs - 5

                      After the publishing various players have been getting random crashes or audio glitches but nothing really serious. Also there have been two patches fixing the known bugs in the game.

                      Addiction level 4
                      I just love the games with good story and this is what Bioware can achieve! IMO the best developer which creates huge interactive storyline where your decisions really matter.

                      Multiplayer 2
                      I was excited about the new multiplayer option as addition to the amazing single player, but this let me cold. You could choose from pre-defined characters with pretty straight-forward skillset. I wouldnt buy this game for the multiplayer.

                      Overall score - 5
                      This game might be my game of the year choice. Must-buy for the ones who love Mass Effect, previous Dragon Ages or roleplaying.