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  • Thoughts about Bethesda

    Hello everyone, im new to this forum and would like to share my thoughts on what i think is a very negative trend in the world of computer games, and in my opinion the example given by Bethesda is quite on the spot.

    Bethesda brought us the amazing series of The Elder Scrolls of course and im very grateful for it.
    On the other hand it took one of my most favorite games, Fallout, that kept its core post punk RPG style all the way since the first Fallout and up till Fallout Tactics and turned it into something that just looks like Oblivion with lasers.
    How can a company turn such a glorious game with such deep adult game play into an "RPG shooter" (whatever that means) is simple, profit.

    What do you think about the lowering of today's video game's intellectual capacity in the name of profit?

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    I liked Oblivion with lasers.

    Never played FO 1 & 2 though, so I can see how fans of the earlier games would be hatin' on the third game.


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      Game developers are increasingly making games that appeal to casual game players, instead of "hardcore" gamers. That being said, I've liked the Fallout series until New Vegas.


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        I think they went in a bad direction from Morrowind to Oblivion but they improved slightly with Skyrim. I played Fallout 3 but not the previous Fallouts and I just couldn't get into it. I don't care about lack or stats or anything like that, what I want in a game are well developed mechanics, multiple story and quest paths, and a good story. I actually liked FO3's mechanics I just didn't feel engaged in the story and stopped playing. Same with Skyrim, though Skyrim still could do with better combat.

        I'm not a big fan of games becoming so simple recently. Less mechanics and much more linear gameplay. It's pretty boring. I want a game where I have a couple options to tackle each objective and have to actually manage my character a bit instead of just running in a straight line gunning everything down.


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          i wish there was a way for developers to connect directly to their audience, the mature gamer seems to be overrun by kids with guns, thats when i found this thread in kickstarter and got a bit excited, the creator of FO 1 & 2 has created a project for the revival of a game (which i havent played) called Wasteland, it says there that Wasteland was the godfather of the FO games but he didnt have the legal rights for the franchise so he had to come up with a new name, hence Fallout.

          The amount of money distributed just shows how the old in depth gamer who's looking for a mature experience is not dead, it raised almost 3,000,000$ instead of it's initial goal of 900,00$.

          A glimpse of hope, perhaps?


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            I grew up on classic RPGs like Fallout but if you're looking to make a mainstream hit, a turn based game is not the way to go. Grid based strategy/RPGs are a niche genre. Bethesda knew they would appeal more to mainstream audiences if the game was closer in resemblance to a FPS, which is the most popular genre right now.

            I don't like the consolification of videogames anymore then many on this post do but that's the direction gaming is going. Mass Effect is almost more third person shooter then it is a RPG. The spell creation and enchantment tools are a lot less flexible then in older Elder Scrolls games like Daggerfall.

            However, I'm still not sure that all these Kickstarter projects can fill the niche that we crave. It'd be nice to play Wasteland or a Baldur's Gate again. But if the games have no new content or little in the way of graphical upgrades, I might as well just buy the original on GOG.


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              Yes Sylveria i understand what youre saying, it is a shame that profit has become the main concern in gaming industry today, i guess this is what happens when something that was not mainstream becomes mainstream, the money starts pouring in along with the masses and then come the big players who care nothing about quality, depth or soul, they are only in it for the money.
              Ive seen it happen in my favorite sport as well, surfing didnt use to be what it is today but i can say for sure that it has no soul left in it now, just ads for nike.


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                I really enjoyed Skyrim. I haven't tried Dawnguard yet, though, any thoughts on it?

                I feel like Bethesda's goal (similar to that of any comparable company) is to 1) design a good game to 2) produce a high profit margin. I think they have accomplished this with Skyrim, definitely. I haven't really played the FOs though, so I can't really comment on that :/


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                  I tried to play Fallout 2, but the mechanics were very dated and I just couldn't get over it. But in any case, I don't think Bethesda were lowering intellectual standards but were rather making a game like the others they had made. Was it dumber? Probably, but it was par for the course of Bethesda games.


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                    hey fmdt i suggest you play fallout 2 or tactics and see what you think.
                    when i started playing the third fallout after playing 2 & tactics i was deeply disappointed, it just doesnt measure up in my opinion.


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                      i thought skyrim was a bit stale a mean the size and graphics were awesome however oblivion was defiantly better for finding content