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What's your favourite *copyleftish* author?

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  • What's your favourite *copyleftish* author?

    Yes, there is a "favourite author" thread already, but the relatively small number of authors that actually are liberal when it comes to copyright would disappear in that list thread.

    One of my favourites would be Cory Doctorow. His works are published under the Creative Commons non-commercial license, which allows sharing and derivative works.

    His stories and novels have really interesting concepts, such as a future where the social world is divided into tribes differentiated by the time zone one has chosen to follow along with one's (online) friends (Eastern standard tribe), and a currency system based on one's general reputation (Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom). The first book I read by him was about a protagonist who was the unlikely offspring of a washing machine and a mountain (Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town); the book I'm reading about now is about Asian youth gold-farming and power-leveling for a living (For the win).

    His stories are available at Cory Doctorow’s » News.

    What are your favourite authors that publishes their books as free downloads, as well as selling printed copies?

    (PS. Also, you know an author has to be good if he gets cameo appearances in XKCD.)