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    Originally posted by batosia View Post
    I right a decent amount of poetry. I've been told I'm rather good. Here's the last thing I wrote.

    If I was to tell you that I loved you, I would only look obsessed.

    But it's not that I want you back, or that I've started to regress.

    Because fuck every reason why we're help apart.

    I only want what's best for you. You knew that from the start.

    Yeah, I'm ready take a shot and shot back at any other man.

    But, I'm ready to walk away and let you go if that's a better plan.

    You see I don't care about me, that's why I love you strong.

    And, that's why I always thought you'd always love me but maybe i was wrong.

    I don't need you to come back now.

    But, just let me know how your doing some how.

    Because I'm ready stop, drop, then roll.

    If only find your way to the goal.

    No, there may not be much left. And, our fights may be over.

    Even though I don't think of you, my heart's still getting closer.

    I wish we could see the truth and kill every fuckin lie.

    Mole hills turned to mountains of guilt on both sides.

    Time changes nothing. It all stays the same.

    Both sides are guilty but I'll take the blame.
    Thanks for sharing your art


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      I am not a writer but always wanted to be one. Anyway i find it so difficult to put all these words together and put some sense inside too.
      I often have to give speeches at work and it is always a mission to write some cheerful and motivating things especially if you don't feel like that in that moment. Good for me, I can always ask for a help and get good interesting speech in a short time. Thanks to my dear friend who recommended me it.
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