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Your opinions and suggestions of Visual Novels

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  • Your opinions and suggestions of Visual Novels

    So I heard a lot about this one called Katawa Shoujo and decided to check it out. I thought it was actually pretty good but I also didn't have any expectations or experience with them. This one was probably targeted to an audience that is younger then me but I could look past that for the most part. I also have never really been a fan of the choose your own adventure genre but mostly because I want to read every ending and redo every decision I make. Books make it kind of hard to do that but this in this format it makes it really easy, which I thought was cool. And I actually went back and read through four of the five main story lines. I don't have a laptop right now so sitting in front of my desktop was kind of a pain though.

    Anyway I was wondering what some of your opinions are of the medium and what you might suggest I check out next.

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