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C.Ronaldo or L.Messi?

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  • C.Ronaldo or L.Messi?

    Anybody who watched El Classico on Monday will tell you it's Messi.

    Ronaldo's a great player, but Messi's the closest thing to Maradona I've seen since the big man retired.

    Messi is the best player in the world by a mile.

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    i agree with u completely
    but each player has different style in playing so they can't compared together
    but *if we discussed from point of service of team messi is best
    *if we discussed from point of speed & strenght ronaldo is best

    in classico all R.Madrid player were in there off day


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      i like more messi...


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        Messi for me I like hes shot :D


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          Being portuguese, i could easily say that is Ronaldo, but i have eyes on my face lol, messi is by far the best player, in the field and also out of it.


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            L.Messi anyday


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              I'm Portuguese, but Messi is the best


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                L. Messi sure!


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                  both of them are great

                  but i like messi better i love him so great


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                    This is fairly easy, and Messi takes it easily.

                    I mean Ronaldo is a fairly good player and talented, but is also a cry prick of a baby, whose attitude and sportsmanship is just horrible. But a true footballer is one that represents well both in field with his skills and sportsmanship and off the field, and Messi has this while Ronaldo deeply lacks it due to his arrogant nature.

                    So L.Messi pwns Ronaldo.

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                      Originally posted by doctor View Post

                      in classico all R.Madrid player were in there off day
                      Exactly. If Madrid were outplayed you cannot say that Ronaldo is worse for one performance.

                      The whole team played poorly...

                      For me its Ronaldo but thats cos I'm a Manchester United fan and he won us a lot of trophies, made us a lot of money (esp in selling him) and provided a lot of magic.

                      Also it helps Messi that the Barca setup revolves around him, whereas at Real the team doesn't revolve around Ronaldo as much


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                        messi for me.


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                          Cristiano :)


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                            Definitely L. Messi! Not that C.Ronaldo are bad, he just is better in my oppinion.


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                              messi is just out of this world, ronaldo is excellent, but messi has a more rounded game, i think he is easily the best player in the world.