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Any AllBlacks fans?

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  • Any AllBlacks fans?

    I love Rugby. Played in and after college and in a Japan league. Never get to see enough in the US. Lat years World Cup was awesome! Any AB fans?

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    I think anyone who likes and enjoys rugby can't help but be an All Blacks fan, unless you're an Australian of course.

    They just decimated Wales 33-10 which is looking pretty ominous for us English as we play them next weekend I believe.

    I'm sure these Tests must be out there somewhere for you to watch as all the great southern hemisphere teams are over in Europe at the moment playing everyone.

    I'm curious to know, seeing as though you're an American ( excuse the assumption if i'm wrong about that ), but do American Footballers seem like pussies with all that padding on once you've seen a propler rugby game played?


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      There is plenty to download and I used to buy the tapes and dvds, but no live Rugby. I miss the excitement of watching the sport live.

      And footballers are definitely NOT pussies. The thing is, that padding is used as much for offense as defense, particularly the helmet and shoulder pads. And the guys are just frigging HUGE! The amount of mass and force being flung around is not to be underestimated.

      The big difference is the injuries. Because they are armored, they are much less cautious and they get injured more often. Rugby, for all of it's brutality, shows a much lower rate of incidents, mostly because players know how to be careful and hit at the same time, more finesse. Also, a helmet protects the skull much more than the brain. So there is a false sense of safety in American football.

      The real difference for me is all the pauses in action. Football has become so boring. It is 80% waiting. All American sports have suffered this constant need for more and more advertising. The sporting events themselves are changing as more breaks in the action are continually added, so they may air more commercials. You really notice this when you are a live event....yawn.


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        If you like rugby union, You'll love league far more action and less stop start


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          I know it's faster but I never got into League.


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            Cant belive the All Blacks lost against England the other day, and im English.


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              The All Blacks are pretty much the poster boys for Rugby. I suppose liking them is akin to liking a popstar (Which has nothing wrong with it)


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                am a big fan of Jonah Lomu ~~

                still can't forget how he treated the english in 95's WC

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                Originally posted by Randal View Post
                I think anyone who likes and enjoys rugby can't help but be an All Blacks fan, unless you're an Australian of course.
                or south african