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Block Ads in Spotify - Hostsfile List

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  • Block Ads in Spotify - Hostsfile List

    Here's a comprehensive list of Spotify ad domains that you can add to the host file to block all ads.

    This works for the desktop version, web version not tested but I assume it works also.

    Once you've added the above entries to the hosts file, it's recommended you flush the DNS cache using "ipconfig /flushdns" in command prompt, then reboot.

    If you're still receiving ads post here and I'll try help out.
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    Awesome. Thanks.

    I use EZBlocker for Windows Spotify. For Android there are hacked apks you can get that remove ads and give you premium features for free. Google Alpha Gamers Spotify.


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      EZBlocker only blocks a few of the ad domains, and only mutes the ads if any get through.

      With the above list, you should be able to block all ads without the need for any software.

      List updated.

      You may already have some of the entries if you have lists from other sources such as MVPS.


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        Thanks [MENTION=354467]Fejoa[/MENTION] I didn't know Alpha Gamers, I used rexdl but on Alpha Gamers versions are more updated!