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I Need Some help from all of you :)

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  • I Need Some help from all of you :)

    Thanks everyone !!
    Last edited by big Daddy; June 25, 2014, 07:32 PM.

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    Easy enough to open up a link to youtube and press play. Good luck with the contest.


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      is this for real?

      Seems like spam to me.

      if not, good luck with whatever you are doing.
      T-I RULES!


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        Not spam guys its for real and its working so far :) from what i can see two people watched so far and bumped me up from 4th to 3rd :) I thought it was spam to at first to until i really got into it. Its just a video telling you more bout the bad O.AR. they just put out a new album and wanted a little popularity boost and are giving away two tickets and a meet and greet passes for a concert up here in NY and it just so happens t be close to me so im giving it a shot :) i needed a little help and remembered TI is a great community that i haven't visited in a long time and thought i would come by and ask for a little help .

        ** sorry mods if this was wrong of me **

        Thanks again !! :)

        EDIT **


        @big Daddy it is against the rules to offer rep in exchange for anything. people must volunteer to give rep and not be persuaded by an incentive. consider yourself warned. next time i will report you to senior staff and they will take action.
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          Thanks for the few who have watched so far. I got up to 1st place at one point :) but am currently at 2rd right now. Every person i can get to watch helps me get some points. Its kinda fun. Thanks again guys for the little help !!


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            Done, good luck for the contest


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              Thanks guys so much for the support only 6 more days left and counting. i just got bumped down to 2nd place so a little more views would be awesome :) and ill throw some rep points as a thanks you :) i believe it only works once per someone new watching it. not if you are watching it over and over . like only one per customer lol so tell your friends. You don't even have to watch you can just let it play in the background with he speakers off for 5 mins in a different ttab. its kinda fun and i know this is a huge community and i can get a lot of support here. :)

              Thanks again so much for those who have watched so far 6 more days left just have to hold on until then.
              Last edited by big Daddy; June 25, 2014, 07:35 PM.


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                I did watch!!! best of luck for the concert!!! I hope you get the ticket.


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                  Done! Good luck!


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                    Help somebody without any effort? Sure!
                    I watched the Video. Hope you get the ticket , buddy!
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                    I bet you're the kind of guy that
                    would fuck a person in the ass
                    and not even have the godda*n
                    common courtesy to give him a
                    reach around. I'll be watching you.

                    'Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

                    Thanks, gblaze


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                      I watched the Video
                      Done! Good luck!


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                        I watched both of them, hope you will get it! ;o)
                        I had to colect once a time something to, if i had known i would have done it like u xD


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                          good luck, i watched it twice :)


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                            A little bump guys. the contest has 3 days left :) i need all the watches i can get. Thank you all who have watched already. i threw you all some rep points
                            i also posted a giveaway in the 10% thread to give back as well for the help !!
                            thanks again everyone !!
                            Last edited by big Daddy; June 25, 2014, 07:36 PM.


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                              Just watched it, good luck!
                              Are these guys together since 8th grade?