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Hard to find music torrents.

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  • Hard to find music torrents.

    I have noticed, With some artist's only making YouTube exclusives and not releasing albums, One example of this is Neon Hitch.
    I am sure their are more, And I am sure it's possible to find discography's for these artists. So If you can Please post what it is that you can't find or the artists or groups your looking for. And for those of us better at locating torrents please help those of us you can

    I am looking for Neon Hitch torrents, I have checked SCC,IPT,TL,T4U....and have nothing for results. Any help will be much appreciated.

    If you are looking for something you can't find, Or you can help someone find something, I think this thread will be beneficial to all of us, Also we all will find new music to like or not. WinWinWin.

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