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Rare and hard to find music that you've discovered?

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  • Rare and hard to find music that you've discovered?

    Recently, I've been really into a band called Insides that seems to be a very well-kept secret. They're an ambient/dream pop band that was signed to a now defunct offshoot of the 4AD label called Guernica.

    I discovered them through bored clicking on, and was intrigued by how few listeners there were. I managed to track down their most popular album (though by "most popular," I don't mean popular by any means) after a lot of searching and some clever Google-fu and was astounded by how amazing it was. It turns out that I was very lucky to have found it because there aren't a lot of existing copies hard copies of the album and most of the people that have them haven't bothered to make digital copies. The lesser known of their albums is much rarer, so I scoured Amazon and Ebay for good deals and bought the cheapest used copy in decent condition I could find. I bought a copy of an earlier album they recorded as Earwig as well, which is even harder to find than the other two.

    If you have any stories of interesting musical gems you've uncovered, share them.

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    Re: Rare and hard to find music that you've discovered?

    Download this free music album: A few things to hear before we all blow up - Jamendo

    that holds my #1 spot for ambient/downtempo artists. was playing audiosurf and he was featured on it. i literally lose myself while listening to this. and what more, its 100% free to download