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    Karl Pilkington is almost beyond description, and may accidentally be the funniest man alive, to me at least. If you've ever listened to The Ricky Gervais Show podcasts or the old XFM radio stuff, then you'll probably have an idea of what I'm talking about. I'm pretty sure Ive never laughed more than while listening to those three guys talk about nothing.

    But more to the point, SkyOne has given Karl Pilkington his own travel show in which he went around the world and visited the Seven Wonders, among other things. I was just curious how many, if any body, is watching this show or even knows about it at all.

    I think as far as a travel program goes, its a lot more informative than most. Gervais purposely sends Karl to this worst parts of these places, to basically torture him into comedy, but it really shows you the parts of these countries that you wouldn't normally see in shows like this.
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    No doubt it is a classic. One funny guy. I thought to start it would be about a guy just trying to be funny but I think he would be a genuinely funny lad to be around.

    Reminds me of traveling sometimes you see great things and think pretty much no better then in HD.


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      it was hilarious! lol
      i recommend it.


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        I'm not sure if he is for real though? I mean can anyone actually be THAT stupid?

        I sometimes think it may well be staged.


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          Yeah, it is really one of the funniest persons that I have ever heard. I sully agree with you


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            I've never heard of him. Can you give a link for me to watch? I love a good laugh. As if for real, then I spend my vacation at Blue Paradise DR and want to try it one more time. Did you hear anything about it? Its definitely one of the best places where you can go on vacation. Either you're alone or with your other half.


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              All of use can be a bit dumb when we travel abroad, since we don't know the customs and the culture that people there live in is foreign to us. What we can do is use to see the weather in the country you're going to be travelling to. If it's Great Britain, you should pay special attention to this website for trustworthy rain predictions.