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  • Your favourite Anime shows/Recommendations

    Do you watch anime ?
    I am sure that there are a lot of anime fans here so what are your favorite anime shows and what anime would you recommend???
    My favorites > Death Note, Code Geass, Hellsing, Blood + and now I'm watching Gungrave and so far I like it.

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    My favorite anime shows are Saint Seiya (The Original Series), now I am watching The Lost Canvas, also Naruto and Bleach
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      i liked DBZ series.. DBZ GT series.. Full metal Alchemist was awesome too! Heard good things about DMC and Naruto.. Will download those soon


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        There another thread here ^^ Also I enjoy one piece,bleach,naruto,rurouni kenshin,inuyasha and more to think lol.


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          I Love Animes I recommend everyone to watch Code Geass at any cost you will love it i guarantee you !!

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            Hell, i grew up with watching anime.

            My favs are Death Note, Gungrave. and Claymore


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              My favorite anime Detective conan,Journey to the west(saiyuki),Fullmetal alchemist.
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                Originally posted by torrentboy
                I watch Naruto Shippuden best anime ever
                QFT(Quoted For Truth)

                Anybody know where I can find a subbed version of the newest movie "inheritors of the will of fire"? I know its not legally out yet, but some people in japan did cam it and sub it themselves. however these are mad hard to find(atleast for me).


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                  I'm not huge fan of long series like one piece, bleach and naruto (though i'am watching Hokuto no ken and naruto). I like more short animes that have only 12-26 episodes. My favorite animes are Clannad+Clannad After Story (Best Romance anime there is and made me cry like a little girl ;__;), Claymore (Best Fantasy anime i've seen so far) and Golden Boy (laughed whole anime. so hilarious. I recommend u watch this first with eng subs and after that eng dub.)

                  Now i'am watching Kiss x Sis (borderline hentai + fake incest ) and Hokuto no ken (Badass guy wandering in apocalyptic wasteland beating shit out of bad guys)


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                    I liked the Melancholy of Hiross suzimaya something.

                    Also the music to Paranoia Agent rocks. "Don't be afraid of such things as tidal waves! Stretch your legs out to tomorrow." Decent cartoon too.


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                      Hey, my favorite anime is Ruroni Kenshin, Hajime No Ippo, Initial D, Wangan Midnight, and Dragon Ball Z! These anime are the ones I watch most. I loved Ruroni Kenshin, and watched all 96 episodes. Great swordsman, Also Hajime No Ippo is like kenshin but boxing instead of swords. Awesome as well. And I love my racing!


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                        one piece! (still haven't seen this week's episode: is it any good? or just filler again grr)

                        also great: hunterxhunter, full metal alchemist and Neon Genesis of course.

                        any recommendations for other anime's that are similar in style and I might enjoy?


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                          I don't watch Anime show very much, but I still have my fav, that is [email protected]@


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                            I like serious anime series the best. Ones with a good storyline that you can appreciate in the same way as you would reading a book. My favourite would have to be Death Note though. :001_tt2:


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                              My favourite anime are Ghost in the shell series (mind/body dichotomy) ,Lain the serial experiment ("real" reality/virtual reality dichotomy) ,Kino's Journey (traveling and relativism),Neon Genesis Evangelion (built upon the Qabbalah). I think all of those have very deep meanings.