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  • Sense8 fans?

    Any Sense8 fans here? As I eagerly await the drop of season 2, I have watched the first season twice already (and I rarely rewatch TV shows or films without a significant gap in time between viewings). There is just something in that show that speaks to so many different cultural and social issues, while also appealing to both sci-fi fans and non-fans, alike. It is also one of the only shows out there that has a great diversity of cast and filming locations within the confines of a single arc - I would say an amazing diversity. What are your thoughts on the show?

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    I enjoyed Season 1 a lot but it suffered from the usual first season problem of anything Joe Straczynski creates: Nothing really happens. Think about it... What real progress was made by the principal characters across the season? It's all just exposition.

    Once I heard it was renewed, I was greatly encouraged. Hopefully he has learned from the B5 fiasco (and others) and will actually have a more complete arc within each following season.

    Very much looking forwards to this. :)