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Ranking the modern Batman films

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  • Ranking the modern Batman films

    Worst to best.

    8. Batman & Robin (1997) - it's complete shit. Period.

    7. Batman (1989) - decent, but also slow, boring, and includes far too much 60's Batman feel. 60's Batman was a joke.

    6. Batman Forever (1995) - a bit too silly, but it's at least pretty. By far the most beautifully filmed of the pre-Nolan films.

    5. Batman Returns (1992) - very dark and gritty, and easily the best of the pre-Nolan films.

    4. Batman vs Superman (2016) - it was interesting to see an older Batman that had to rely more on tech as he aged. Afflek was surprisingly good.

    3. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - worst of the Nolan trilogy, but still stacks up against 99% of other comic based films.

    2. Batman Begins (2005) - only worse than TDK because it contains a lot less of the Batman character, but otherwise amazing

    1. The Dark Knight (2008) - simply the best comic-based film ever made. Period. Want proof? Watch the best scene:

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    1. The Dark Knight - By far my favorite. Joker's portrayal by Ledger was one of the best performances in any film I've ever seen.
    2. Batman Begins - Outstanding origins story. Neeson was fantastic and the struggles of learning how to be Batman was great.
    3. Batman - Loved Keaton in the role. Probably ranks higher for me because it was my first movie version as a kid and I was engrossed with the movie.
    4. Batman vs. Superman - Great seeing the beginning of Justice League. Wasn't fond of Eisenberg as Luthor at all.
    5. Batman Returns - Probably because again, the childhood love of the movie. Watching now doesn't hold the same magic though.
    6. The Dark Knight Rises - I hated the portrayal of Bane. The voice was stupid and they didn't do any of his powers properly. Just did not care for it.
    7. Batman Forever - Overloaded with silly nonsense.
    8. Batman & Robin - Batman had nipples on his suit. That alone made me cringe.


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      Imagine if you included the straight-to-DVD animated films. Then I could complain about my neverending hatred of Damien Wayne and the ass that still kind of is The New 52.