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  • Matt Smith as the Doctor

    Who else is upset that Matt Smith is leaving? I always get so attached to the Doctors. I really didn't like seeing David Tennant leave, and now Matt Smith has announced his departure. I wonder who will be the next Doctor.

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    Matt smith is leaving??! ..David tennant was my favorite doctor,he seemed more like "the doctor"..

    Then again we always get used to the new face of doctor,dont we..


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      Matt will leave during the Christmas special this December. :(

      The Doctor seems to have a new face every few years. I really like David, but I've grown to like Matt as well. It's always hard to see them go. I wonder who will be the new Doctor...


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        (I'm dong a search engine search so my post changes according to what information I find while I do so :P, just a heads up).

        Are you serious? Matt's leaving?

        That seriously makes me a sad panda, he was the youngest doctor thus far but he was great for the part.
        I seriously thought he'd go on a couple more seasons...

        It's a pitty some of the people the doctors travel with have to leave (I really really like Karen Gillan but that's most likely because she's pretty hot lol, the new girl, Jenna-Louise Coleman isn't bad at all, i've seen worse replacements) but seeing a doctor leave is always sucky eventhough you know it's inevitable.

        For those who think John Hurt will become the "new doctor", it's possible that he takes up a temp slot as a doctor from the future since it's already established that he IS the doctor it's just not established which one. It won't be permanent though, atleast, I doubt it.

        I see lots of speculation going around about the new doctor. Everybody from Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) to Hugh Laurie (House) seem to be mentioned. I guess everything is possible.

        _.-=' Special thanks to SiniuS for making me VIP and to Gblaze for graph work :)


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          In the past the new doctor is typically not extremely well know (Daniel Radcliffe). I wonder if Bill Weasley (Domhnall Gleeson) might be offered the gig. Rumors will only grow until the new doctor is announced.

          Yeah, it always sucks when a companion or the doctor leave. At least some of the companions (Rose for example) come back. Whereas, I don't think we will ever see much of Donna again.

          I think John Hurt is the Doctor that ended the time war. Killing all those people is not the goal of the title Doctor... I agree that he will probably be around for a few episodes, but probably not a whole season.


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            Hugh laurie as the Doctor?? That would be the most hilarious thing ever.

            Nah the doctor has to be someone unknown, unless Moffat just wants to troll us all and John Hurt is actually the next doctor


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              The really upsetting thing is that The Doctor can only change 12 times (according to lore).

              Sure, there are plenty of ways to get around this, but it's a bit concerning...


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                Hopefully with the popularity of the show it won't end after the 12th doctor. I LOVE Doctor Who!!!


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                  Originally posted by FriskyDingo View Post
                  The really upsetting thing is that The Doctor can only change 12 times (according to lore).

                  Sure, there are plenty of ways to get around this, but it's a bit concerning...
                  That's the great thing about the science fiction genre, the rules can always be changed.


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                    I wonder when they will announce the next doctor... I'm fairly certain that we knew that Matt was going to replace David a few months before his last episode.