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Which tv shows are you following/watching?

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  • Which tv shows are you following/watching?

    I'm curious and I think this will give other people ideas to watch a show they didn't knew was fun or even existed.

    My favourite this year was definitely The Mentalist, the writing and casting is excellent done. Now waiting for season 5 :D
    I now watch, Dexter, Knight Rider, Breaking Bad. Person of Interest, I have many more but this is a selection of the list i'm watching now.
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    Im curently watching :

    Star Trek Enterprise (not bad at all, i like it)
    Smallville (i watch it when i was kid but never finish the show)
    True Blood (best tv show of all times)

    Im following :

    Sons of anarchy
    Breaking bad
    Game of thrones
    True blood
    Big bang theory
    The vampire diaries

    I entend to see :

    Continium (not sure about the name)
    The walking dead
    Dexter (ive stop at season 4 or 5 i dont remember)
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      Being Erica (if there are more seasons)
      Game of Thrones
      The Walking Dead

      Edit: Just searched up Being Erica and it looks like they're done for good. It's a total chick flick TV series, but I loved it! I'm so sad!
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        I thought flash forward was really great, but they canceled it. They cancel too many good series lately.


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          I currently watch : Breaking bad. Happy Endings. Being Human US and CSI Miami!


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            I don't watch many shows. I'm more of a movie buff myself, but from the few shows that I do watch, I enjoy Game of thrones, Big bang theory and Family guy.


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              - The Walking Dead
              - Eureka
              - True Blood
              - The Vampire Diaries
              - South Park
              - The Simpsons
              - Fringe
              - Futurama
              - Continuum
              - Perception
              - How I Met Your Mother
              - Doctor Who

              I guess that's it...


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                I'm watching the last seasons of Weeds and Breaking Bad. Talk about a contrast, Weeds has been such a hit and miss show, but I stuck with it, I don't know why. Breaking Bad has been great viewing, and this season has been strong so far.

                Also watching The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels, it's pretty good, only half a dozen episodes in. The tone is a little sentimental for my liking, I think in the UK we have a more irreverent view of the media, but the set up of a news anchor looking to bring integrity back to TV news journalism is an interesting one.


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                  My favorite current TV show is Breaking Bad.. I've watched this show from the beginning but if anyone had told me beforehand the plot was about a high school chemistry teacher who turns meth dealer, I can't say I would have thought it was anything I'd enjoy. I'd easily rate Breaking Bad with The Wire as one of the best TV shows ever.

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                    South Park
                    Law & Order's
                    Burn Notice
                    The Big Bang Theory
                    Modern Family
                    How i met your mother
                    The walking dead

                    Maybe be trying vampire diaries soon.


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                      Everyone should watch True Blood just for Sheriff Andy in the last episode: "I want names and addresses and if I don't get them my taser's gonna be asking your nuts to the big dance"

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                        I am just watching season 8 of 24, I know im a little behind the times - But one good thing about watching stuff years after It was on is that you can download every single episode and watch them back to back.

                        I watched Alias just before 24, Now im trying hard to find something similar to fill the void before I get to the final episode!


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                          Have you watched either version of La Femme Nikita? The first one ran around the same time as Alias and is also based around a female spy. I think it ran for 5 seasons. The second version is still in production and just named NIkita. A show similar to 24 is Strike Back. The first season was a UK production and the second from Cinemax. The production values are much better in the Cinemax version but I thought the UK version was good too and they use things from the end of season 1 to jump to season2.
                          Breaking Bad is still great and showtime's, Dexter if you like more adult and extremely dark tv shows.

                          "I pushed my soul in a deep dark hole and then I followed it in.
                          ...To see what condition my condition was in."


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                            I am following 2 shows right now.
                            Breaking bad (epic show)
                            Suits (great show as well)
                            these are must watch if you really want to enjoy quality shows
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                              I currently follow:
                              True Blood
                              Louie (great show on Fx!)
                              Real Housewives of New Jersey,The Glass House, and Bachelor Pad (trashy reality tv is my vice)
                              Masterchef (U.S. version on Fox)

                              When airing, I follow:
                              Game of Thrones (my favorite show!)
                              The Walking Dead
                              Gossip Girl and Glee (guilty pleasures)
                              Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
                              Revenge (I didn't watch it when it aired, but downloaded the entire season and loved it! I will watch it when it comes back in the fall.)
                              Law & Order SVU (although I desperately miss Detective Stabler!)