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  • TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon

    What shows do you think were not given a chance to succeed?

    Men of a Certain Age (Andre Bauer, Ray Romano, Scott Bakula) - great show cancelled after 1 season

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    Flash Forward, The event


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      The first one that comes to mind is Firefly.

      Oh... and Krod Mandoon (assuming they don't make another series of it... but seriously, Firefly.
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        Terra Nova


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          Originally posted by strepb View Post
          Terra Nova
          Wow ya Terra Nova. I didn't even know it was cancelled until I read that Netflix might pick it up.

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            Arrested Development, though due to its cult hit status, it's returning on Netflix next year and is getting a movie. I am hoping Community does not get cancelled.


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              Originally posted by MariusM View Post
              Flash Forward, The event
              Originally posted by strepb View Post
              Terra Nova
              Originally posted by Wonder56901 View Post
              but seriously, Firefly.
              QFT, +1.

              + Stargate Universe, I loved that show , The Outcasts, The 4400 and Heroes.
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                If we're talking shows that got canned after 2 seasons, I gotta bring up Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That one got canned just as they learned how to make it good.

                Legend of the seeker.

                and a couple of obscure shows: Shark and Sports Night.


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                  The Unit


                  Daybreak, I think it was called
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                    Firefly One of my favorite shows. the network had to make room for more bs realty tv. BTW I loved all the shows above


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                      I agree with MariusM. "The Event" gets my vote. It was too big budget to make for the ratings it got. Interestingly, if you added the +14 day DVR audience, it really didn't do that badly, but advertisers really only focus on same or may day+3 ratings, so it tanked.

                      Going back about 7 years, "Over There" (on FX in the US), ran for only one season. It was a great drama about soldiers serving in Iraq. It was not renewed due to ratings.

                      Other than that,


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                        I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Deadwood.

                        I know it technically doesnt count because it didn't get announced announced as cancelled, but from what i've read, the actors werent being picked up by hbo for a fourth season and from what i keep reading, a lot of people keep mentioning that it felt unfinished.

                        One of the few reasons why i stopped watching it. I HATE cancelled tv shows. Especially if they are getting good. Hate that, "wait what?!? That Was it?!?! unfinished feeling" feeling.

                        Oh and although it got just about 3 seasons worth, Lie To Me was one that i thoroughly enjoyed. I think the writers (or whoever was in charge) just screwed that one up. There was no good storyline to connect more than 2 maybe 3 episodes. a season. That and it was like watching House's spin off(from [H]OUSE) weird twin cousin.


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                          firefly and arrested development were def. cut too soon.
                          Lost should have been cancelled a lot sooner. it got so bad after the first 2 or 3 seasons


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                            Firefly for sure was ended before it was given a chance.


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                              2 shows that come to mind are moonlight and flash forward these 2 shows were canceled way before they had a chance to show their potential. Also could not agree more regarding Deadwood loved that show could definitely go on a bit longer
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