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Deal: Galaxy S8/S8+ on T-Mobile come with free Gear VR

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  • Deal: Galaxy S8/S8+ on T-Mobile come with free Gear VR

    If you are planning to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ flagship smartphone, you might want to check out the deal T-Mobile is offering: those purchasing the devices from the magenta carrier will get a Gear VR with Controller for free. Yeah, the deal is similar to the one that was only available to pre-order customers earlier.

    This new offer is available to those who make a purchase on or before May 14. Purchases made between April 21 and April 27 are also eligible. To qualify, the unit should be purchased on EIP, JUMP! On Demand, or at full price.

    The list of participating locations includes T-Mobile, T-Mobile dealers, Costco, military store, T-Mobile website, telesales, and customer care. For free Gear VR, purchases should be registered at a dedicated Samsung Promotions page (link below) between May 10 and May 28.

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    I've never like S8. I tried it for a month and changed it
    Not my phone, totally


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      It is really amazing how fast VR spreads. I mean, I remember the times when everybody thinks about VR as about the device only for games. These people were mistakes because as we see on VR is used in many fields including real estate. I suppose that it is very convenient.