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    My contract is up and it's time to look for another phone. My Lumia 1520 has done sterling service but I'm not the kind of person that just immediately plumps for the new version of what I had before. It also seems that, with the exception of a few individual refinements, all the top-of-the-range smartphones are pretty much identical. You're just choosing screen size and storage options.

    The real differentiation lies in the OS that is installed. here I see a choice of three offerings:

    1. Google's Android
    2. Apple's iOS
    3. Microsoft's Windows 10

    I know there are others but they are so marginalised that I don't think they're in the running. If I was in the US, I guess the MS option wouldn't be on the list but over here in Europe it has around 10% market share across the region. The ones I have knowingly set aside include:

    • Blackberry - Basically destined to become a software provider on top of Android.
    • Cyanogen - Android without the oversight of the developers, always destined to be porting in the latest builds and features. Same goes for AOKP, ColorOS, EMUI, Fire, Flyme, MIUI, Nokia's X, OxygenOS and all the other Android forks.
    • Firefox - Abandoned in the face of poor uptake.
    • Sailfish - Jolla's plucky but basically dead in the water Linux OS. Apart from poor numbers, it's also really aimed at low end phones. I also hate that they have this Jekyll and Hyde licensing going on: The OS is open source (GPL) but the UI isn't? Really?!
    • Tizen - Samsung's homegrown "We don't wanna just drive data to Google" OS. Huge in India and China. Invisible in the West.
    • Ubuntu - Maybe in a few years when it's acquired some actual features. This one could be actually be a serious contender for the geek Linux phone market.

    I've used phones with all three of of my shortlisted OSs and I have opinions. (Surprise!)


    Before I tell you what I think, tell me what YOU think. Not about the phones themselves but about the OS and the Apps. What do you love? What drives you insane? What would you miss? What couldn't you live without?

    Please, don't turn this into a flame war. Let people have their say and you take the opportunity to have yours. If we get enough responses, I'll try to summarise it all in the next part of this conversation. Let the comments... Begin!!!