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  • High intensity work-out

    Hey all !

    I'm a busy doctor/postgrad student who nonetheless loves to be in shape. I rarely find time to go to a gym on a regular schedule.

    And as we know, consistency and sticking to a regimen is the key to fitness.

    So here's a short, sweet but intense work-out plan I designed for myself. Trust me, after one month of this, you'll find yourself stronger, fitter and leaner.

    This is for all you people who're either too busy to go to a gym, or can't afford it or are just too lazy to get your butts off your house

    You only need to shell out a few dollars for :
    i) a barbell rod
    ii) a pair of 2.5 kilo, 5 kilo and 10 kilo weights to go with the barbell.

    1. Stretch : spend 5 mins on stretching your shoulders, triceps, back ( side-to-side AND rotation), hips and hamstrings. You gotta feel that stretch on the tendons.

    2. A brief cardio of about 200 skips on the rope : if you can't get to it, then start with 50 on day 1. Then increase by 10 or 20 every day. The key is to do as many skips to feel warmed up, not tire yourself out.

    3. Now the main muscle exercises : I do the following exercises in the same order, with a gap of not more than 15 seconds between consecutive exercises. It keeps it fast, explosive and really gives a pump. DO AS MANY REPS OF EACH EXERCISE AS YOU CAN, STOPPING JUST BEFORE FAILURE. Here they are:
    a. Regular Push ups
    b. Barbell bicep curls
    c. Standing Barbell shoulder presses
    d. Diamond push ups
    e. Medium wide grip pull-ups

    If done right, you'll be finished with the above workout within 30-40 mintues max and you'll be pooped out of your soul

    Oh and another very important advice : Fitness is 40% exercise and 60% diet.
    If you have any questions regarding diet or anything else, feel free to comment on this thread. I'll be happy to reply.

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    an other bookmark that i 'll never visit again..


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      Walking is the best exercise


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        If you only have time to do one exercise per day, which one should it be?


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          Abdominals would be it


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            I think that such intense work can lead to stress. After this workout, your body needs to have a good relaxation. I think this link with its information about cbd oils and cbd bath bombs can be really useful for you. It helps to have a good rest and relax your body


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              Pain in the hip after running can be the cause of further development of some disease or its cause. I recommend you to read the articles on the Internet for more info on the subject. Don't delay the treatment and diagnosis of the disease, because it could be a reason for a more complicated illness, that could become a real problem in your life. Stay healthy and care about yourself.


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                Good sharing buddy. I needed it


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                  My workouts have been getting more intense lately because I've been using more machines and equipment to make my body leaner and tighter.
                  I primarily use help from This is one of my favorite pieces of equipment that develops the most finicky muscle, namely the calf. I have spent much time in the past in order to see more effective results, but only with the use of this trainer, I was able to achieve it.
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