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    I'm a 21 year old male, and weigh about 164 pounds with about 21% body fat. I've just started a new diet and exercise program. My diet is basically eating "real food". I completely cut sugar, processed foods, and most grains. I suppose it's similar to the paleo diet, but I do still eat legumes and some starches. I've also started lifting weights and am following this program 3 days per week (mon-wed-fri) while also hiking 2-3 hours(6-9 miles, tues & thurs), 2 days per week, with a 15 pound backpack.

    I want to get to 6% body fat while making strength gains. I have to lose about 24 pounds of fat, and I'm expecting its possible to do in 2.5 months with such a drastic diet change.

    My question is, is all that hiking plus the weight lifting too much for my legs? If not, can I hike 3 days per week? Also, will hiking while weight lifting sabotage my muscle gains?

    While I do enjoy hiking, it's mainly for my dog. She fucking loves and expects it, haha.

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    I don't think that hiking will do too much for your legs (in comparison to other body parts). Since you are carrying a backpack, your whole body is used (except maybe for your arms), especially your core gets a workout.

    Why do you want to get to 6% body fat percentage? This is at the lower end of an athletic body and is close to the essential body fat percentage, which you need to survive.


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      6% is crazy low dude! 8-10% is much more reasonable and will give you visible abs.

      Your legs should be alright, but hiking will upset your 'gains' a little bit, it's all calories in vs calories out after all. But if you want a balanced healthy lifestyle you should have some cardio and hiking is fun man, don't get too obsessive about it all, remember to enjoy it! Eat right, lift and do some hiking and you'll see improvements (21% bf is high, you'll feel way better even at 15% with no muscle gain), good luck!


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        Oh, and here's a nice article with pictures of people with different BFPs: How to measure your body fat percentage | Nerd Fitness


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            I always preferred to stay away from such activities because it can be pretty dangerous and you may get a rathe serious injury if you are into those.


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              In fact, it is a good diet to remove most of the hollow calories that cause the stimulation of fat production, another good advice is to eat at the hours you lose weight if you respect your schedule with a good routine you will avoid future you have to occupy one of the mobility scooters for when you grow up you will be able to walk freely


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                On a hike, it is important to wear clothes and underwear that will not hinder your movements. Plus, you move a lot and sweat a lot, so it should be boxer briefs that breathe and wicking. There are always many inconveniences on a hike, so you need to provide yourself with maximum comfort.