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  • 1 mile run

    So i am doing a new thing where i run 1 mile everyday. The reason its only one mile is because I feel like if i do more than i after a while I will give up, but if it is only 1 mile it is easy to commit to because it is only like 10 minutes out of the day.

    Question is how long would it take for me to see results from only 1 mile a day? Is it too little to actually have any effect?

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    Depends on the effort you put forth. If you set a playlist to 10 minutes of music, and then add a song every now and then, and just run, I'm sure you'll see good results.
    One mile a day is more than most people do. The only way you can tangibly see results is by timing yourself every now and then, and running in earnest. You should feel more confident in your body and happier in general though, I know I did. I think I started to feel that way when the distance we were running everyday no longer was too big a deal. Good luck and good job!

    -- MoonCake