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Ketogenic Diet (Low Carb, High Fat)

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  • Ketogenic Diet (Low Carb, High Fat)

    Hey folks,

    I was wondering if there are people on TI that are on or have been on a ketogenic diet. I have been on the diet for a few months and it worked great but after a while I start to miss some things. The main problem are lunches at work, I'm to lazy to prepare a lunch at home in the morning and here in the Netherlands there are not many low carb things to buy in a supermarket to eat at lunch apart from a tuna salad where I have to remove the potatoes from.

    Anyway I have been of the diet for half a year now and have gained weight again, it seems the only way I'm able to not eat snacks (chocolate, sweets, cookies) is when I dont eat carbs at all. I'm planning on picking up the diet again this week but if others are on the diet I would love to have some advice/tips for lunch in particular.

    If anyone wants the learn about the diet and it's benefits I will include a few links with information:
    Great resource for beginners:

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    If you are too lazy to prepare lunch in the morning prepare it at night
    and if you have enough money
    every country has weigh loss clinics that even deliver your food to your office
    we always have excuses but if we really want to do it we have to puck up:)


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      I'm on paleo, which is similar. I usually put some dark chocolate (75% above), lightly roasted almonds and canned sardines in olive oil in my pantry and desk drawers at work so I have something healthy to chew on.

      For lunch, I eat salad almost exclusively.

      Best of luck.


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        Yes. I've lost weight. The trick is not to let the extra carbs sneak in. It's not easy to prevent. Those extra carbs will go and make you hungry.


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          Did you know that many people gain weight due to stressful overeating? For example, I was able to lose weight without any grueling diets using CBD oil. I suggest you check out this cbdMD review and you will be able to understand a lot. The main thing is to solve the cause of your excess weight and then you do not have to go on a diet.


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            Ketogenic diet is a good way to lose some weight.
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