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is gatorade good or bad for you?

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  • is gatorade good or bad for you?

    someone told me it has as much sugar as soda, wondering if thats the case why is it good for athletes, or is it even good for them at all?

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    I've heard this as well. The main complaint I've heard about gatorade is all the acid in it is bad for your teeth. Gatorade does have a lot of sugar in it, which is great for athletes who are burning calories and sweating but its not real good for you if your sitting on the couch all day watching tv.


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      Like everything, if you abuse it and take it in too much quantity, it will be bad for you.


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        Guzzling refined sugar isn't good for anyone. It's not as bad for athletes who can utilize it quickly, but it isn't good for anyone. Disease since the spread of fast food in the western world has climbed up and up........ anyone stop and wonder why?

        BTW, if you are looking for a good sugar, get unrefined fructose (not at all the same as high fructose corn syrup), which has a glycemic index of like, 25 (potatoes are somewhere in the 60s, and pure dextrose is 100). Or just use honey, maple syrup, or raw, unrefined sugar.

        We live in a culture that consumes refined salt, refined sugar, refined, hydrogenated oils, refined flour, and processed foods that have all the nutrients and enzymes stripped out of them.

        And I don't mean to take a jab (oh but I do), at the OP, who aksed a question that they could have simply looked up on google. The OP said "I heard" that it has as much sugar as soda.

        Unfortunately, that is about how the average person gets their nutritional information these days -- based on something "they heard", or what their M.D. told them (who most likely has little to no nutritional training).

        Meanwhile, great nutritionists like this guy (started practicing with his B.S., and recently completed his M.S. a few years ago) are uheard of by the average person, doctor, or retarded magazine column writers.

        It's not that any sugar -- even refined sugar is bad.

        However, what is "moderation" to many average Americans is guzzling down 32 ounces per day (hey, its moderate compared to 64 ounces!!!!!)

        Keep in mind that our bodies did not evolve consuming a ton of sugar. Today, we consume far more (50% more) than even in the 1960s

        So what is "moderate" (often an arbritary, subjective judgement) today may not be what is "moderate" according to how our physiology evolved.


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          Well, it's good for sports, working out, and being out in the heat because it has electrolytes which prevents dehydration, muscle cramps, etc. But if you don't need it for that purpose and are just drinking it to have something to drink, it's just a another sugary beverage. Not as bad for you as as sodas due to not being carbonated and not being as acidic, it's not going to be any better for you than sweet tea, lemonade, fruit punch, etc.

          If you are trying to lose weight you can't afford to waste calories on liquids, save them for food. Stick to calorie free drinks, but stay away from artificial sweeteners. When I'm dieting and want to drink something with some taste (not water), I have iced tea with lemon or a Perrier with lime <3


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            Originally posted by teh_pwn View Post
            Well, it's good for sports, working out, and being out in the heat because it has electrolytes which prevents dehydration, muscle cramps, etc.
            I listened to this long TTC seminar about nutrition and the Dr. was saying that it is only really beneficial if you're working out for LONG periods of time (like playing an entire soccer game). But when you see runners finishing the marathon, they're being handed water, not gatorade. It's not really necessary.

            But I'll be damned if it doesn't taste amazing when you have a hangover.


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              I've always understood that you should only drink Gatorade or other electrolyte drinks only if you are exercising very heavily (not your typical jog around the park sort of exercise) and might need to replace the lost electrolytes. Especially if you are exercising to burn fat, like everyone has mentioned, sports drinks typically have lots of calories and so by drinking sports drinks you will basically be gaining them all back (if not more!). The only benefits I see are that they might taste better (personal preference?), might give you an energy boost (from the sugar), and might make you rehydrate faster (from the electrolytes), which aren't worth it compared to drinking a nice bottle of water.


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                It has a lot of sodium.


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                  It's good for you of course! If Bo Jackson drinks it, you can too.

                  Serious amounts of "electrolytes" how could you go wrong?

                  Don't drink Monster, drink something healthy like Gatorade :P

                  BUT YEAH, probably not that good for you. Maybe not as damaging as carbonated syrup beverages but still..
                  T-I RULES!


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                    Unless youre an athlete, all youre doing is drinking a bunch of sugar.

                    So no, it isn't any better for you than drinking soda.


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                      As many others have indicated, it really depends on how you are using it...

                      For example, I've had doctors recommend it to friends for things like sunstroke, where you need to be extremely well hydrated and have your electrolytes restored - similar case with a hangover.

                      However, if you are just drinking it everyday like regular soda, then it's pretty much like guzzling Cola.


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                        Corn Syrup is 100% times worse for you than Sugar. I try to avoid anything with corn syrup in it, which is very difficult these days. If I am going to grab a soda, I prefer Mexican coca cola or a Jarritos.


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                          Water is better then Gatorade, other wise it's the best drink for you to re-hydrate.


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                            Terrible, especially if you have diabetes. It's not hard to get electrolytes, there's no reason to drink them with sugar.


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                              Sodium content is high. I drink alot of it, cant stand drinking water for some reason.