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Anyone else trying to only buy Fair Trade coffee?

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  • Anyone else trying to only buy Fair Trade coffee?

    I've been trying to only buy Fair Trade coffee for a few years now, but there are companies that trade fairly or comply with the practice/philosophy of Fair Trade without actually spending the time/money to get certified...
    Thanks to Flobie for the VIP!

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    Fair trade has got too big now and I'm not sure its getting better. ie: X farmer has great crop but not registered fair trade -v- Z farmer with not so good fair trade crop. farmer Z sells his not so great crop first and at the same or higher price than farmer X who has a better crop. (
    I'm trialling a 'select trade' coffee at the moment where the purchaser selects the best coffee. ..finish.


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      I don;t really care about fair trade. Maybe I'm a terrible person, but I like the brands that I like, and I don't think I'll stop buying them...