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Working From Home and making money on the internet does it really work?

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  • Working From Home and making money on the internet does it really work?

    Hi Everyone,
    I have been mulling over the idea of working from home to make some extra money using the internet, seeing I'm on it most of the time thought I could try and put it to good use.

    It seems that a lot of these click sites and these ''how to make money'' sites would appear to be scams I would like to hear your opinions on the matter.
    Do you work from home using the internet, can you recommend any sites, do you have a good story to tell have you been successful using these sites or are they all a load of rubbish and just want to take your money. I'm not trying to make a fast buck just want something reliable and steady to make a little extra.
    ** Big Thanks to Freedom for Repping me in I wouldn't be here without him **

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    It does work if you have skills, doing surveys and all that won't get you anywhere.
    Many freelance programmers work over the internet. There are sites where people who need a job done make requests and give details, then any programmer who is interested can apply for the job and actually work through the internet.


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      if torrenting and surfing are the only things you can do with your PC, then don't expect for big money.

      reviews and surveys are idiotic. maybe, if you're lucky, you could earn 2 euros per month.

      blogs/websites and stuff like that depend on your personality and possibly could earn you loads of extra money.

      pay-per-click and other things like that are time wasting and done over and over again, by everyone.


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        make somthing with your hands and sell it on ebay . Handmade thats the key i find . ive even seen full external hardrives on there . if you have the time and money take a trip to china meet with some wholesalers or you could try dropshipping


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          Originally posted by buggerlugs View Post
          make somthing with your hands and sell it on ebay . Handmade thats the key i find . ive even seen full external hardrives on there . if you have the time and money take a trip to china meet with some wholesalers or you could try dropshipping
          Thanks buggerlugs
          I am assuming from your post that you make stuff so what do you make then may I ask ?

          I have read a little on dropshipping and find this also to be a scam, have you used this kind of method?
          ** Big Thanks to Freedom for Repping me in I wouldn't be here without him **


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            Almost all the websites that promise you to earn 2000$ a month from home using Internet are scams...


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              If you like poker you can also try to grab bonuses after bonuses from different sites to make some cash, but don't expect anything big.


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                Any website that claims that you can earn money just sitting inside your home in front of a computer with minimal amount of work will almost always be a scam.

                As circle mentioned, if you have serious computer skills you might be able to work from home. I know a few consultants who charge more than $50 an hour work mostly from their homes except to attend some meeting with clients. Also, if you are working for a company that allows telecommuting, you might be able to work from your home and visit office once every few months. My company (IT shop) has liberal telecommuting policy and there are a handful of people who take advantage of it.

                If you don't have serious computer skills, ebay is the best bet in my opinion.
                There are quite a few approaches here and here are some that I know of.
                1) Sites like slickdeals or deals2buy (and similar sites) will list items that are on sale at various places. Sometimes, Bestbuy sells clearance items really cheap (like around 50% - 75% cheap) than retail prices. People buy these in larger quantities and sell them for retail price on ebay because this stuff is unopened and brand-new items.

                2) There are bartering sites (like bookmooch & paperbackswap) where members swap books for free. The person who is giving away the book will ship it for free and the person recieving the book will have to give 1 point to the sender. You can collect points here by giving away cheap novels and other books you can buy on library for 25 cents. The points can then be used to get more expensive books like college text books or other expensive books or cds and then can be sold on ebay.

                3) people collect coupons online or from post offices or other places and sell them

                As buggerlugs was mentioning, use your imagination and see what you can do with ebay. One man's junk will be another person's treasure. So, its a matter of figuring out what you want to do.


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                  I am taking all your suggestions and ideas on board, would appear I was right to ask for your opinions.
                  It's really annoying that most of these are scams even the people who research the scammers appear to be scammers their selves
                  please keep you suggestion coming maybe ill find something that will suit me
                  ** Big Thanks to Freedom for Repping me in I wouldn't be here without him **


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                    i've heard interesting stories about affiliation systems.

                    basically you promote a product/company and get paid for referring new customers. you just have to make a simple web page or a blog and post the link. then, when someone click that link, you get paid, or if that person buys the product, you get like 10-33% of that price.

                    ^^^ that's my view on it ^^^

                    how wikipedia explains it is in >>>HERE<<<

                    now, go google... xD


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                      Talking about poker, i play Pokerstars and i can tell u that are many rooms with freerolls and prizes, i know they are not much, but you have more fun than cliking in annoying things.


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                        i have heard that there is a software that help you to "cheat" at online poker. i don't know how but i think it calculates your chances and gives you the GO/NO GO. that's why i don't play.

                        i've also heard that playing with currency cashes in good, if you know when to buy cheap and when to sell high. i think the old boys are "reading" the future by following world-wide news. it's gambling when you are don't know what you're doing but... xD


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                          They are a good buck, but for making it your main job... must be out of your mind.

                          I made about $250 on (click links and you earn a cent), I cashed them out to my AlertPay in 2007, and till now, they haven't finished the order. My account is legit, and my earned cents are legit too. It was just a waste of my time. I tried to go into NeoBux, but eh, such a lame stuff to do.

                          HOWEVER! If a freelancer... now that's what I'm talking about.
                          For example, making up a website for a company, say $150 for a normal static 4pages, and the price goes higher of course if they want you to include PHP, and other stuff...

                          Quote from a web publisher
                          In my humble opinion, a lifestyle as a Web Publisher is a great lifestyle. It does take some time to really make a good income, but it's well worth it with the freedom, time and skills advancements it provides.

                          To me, the goal with publishing a website is to create an income stream that is completely independent of your personal labor. Your websites in essence work for you, earning a living for you. Your websites are working, earning, every minute of every day. They earn while you sleep, they earn while you go to the movies, they earn when you are on vacation.

                          You may initially not realize the power of such a system, and in fact you might scoff at things such as when someone is excited for making $10 a day with a single site. $10 a day is not much for a full time job you might think. What is often overlooked though is the fact that you are not just limited to a single website. Because your websites do not directly depend on your labor to continue running you can build multiple ones, 10, 20, 30. 30 websites at $10 a day is over $100,000 a year. That is the beauty and benefit of website publishing, you are producing cumulative residual income streams with no upper limit on the number or the size of each.

                          Some websites are more work intensive than others in requiring more frequent maintenance or updating, however others are completely hands off, creating a truly passive income source not that different from rental real estate.

                          Anway, good luck to all of us in our professions.

                          Until next time, explore the possibilities.
                          So to sum it all, I dislike doing surveys, clicking links or anything similar to that. I like to gain experience, gain knowledge. Clicking surveys/links won't get you anywhere in this world, neither does the gambling.

                          Gambling/surveys are not steady, not to be trust, beside the fact that gambling at any given point, you'd lose everything. Unlike knowledge, you can't just lose it.

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                            Web/GUI programming can give u nice profit.
                            Also design-creating, Forex, Poker and much more possible in internet.

                            So, yes, its possible to work at home and make money on the internet.


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                              u could do alsou camera boy :)