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Working From Home and making money on the internet does it really work?

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    If your serious then you may be able to, but if your looking for fast money your likely to get scammed big time. If your just looking to make a some change to buy yourself a new game or some trading cards or something im sure you can. Some video sites pay you for how meny ppl visit your video etc. good luck man.


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      you may try


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        Originally posted by IMAGINE View Post
        blogs/websites and stuff like that depend on your personality and possibly could earn you loads of extra money.
        Do elaborate- I've not seen any blog that's been lucrative in my experience. When I tried to start one, I had people from a mental asylum cyber-stalking me. Probably a poor comment on my personality.


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          Theres a lot of hate on survey sites. I used to get close to 30 bucks a month from It might have changed over the years though. Also, I know people who do penny stocks and make a good amount of extra cash. My friend made close to $900 last month from advertisements on blogsites. Its a very complicated process but if done correctly, you can make a killing.


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            It's 2014 and time for an update. A lot has changed. New g00gle algorithm, new PPC rules, smarter people, etc.

            YES! It is possible for you to make money online. A LOT of money.

            Here's a proven money making method that will always withstand the test of time

            Becoming an expert! Make a downloadable video product. Sell it online. For example, If I do a quick search on BitSpyder I might find 'A Complete Course in Option Trading Fundamentals - Joseph Frey'. Study those materials, and re-hash those materials in a better way. Don't copy it word for word, but re-create it in your own voice. Use screen capture software such as Camtasia or Screenflow. The interesting part about this method is that you can learn something you've always wanted to learn while on the verge of making a lot of extra income. Pretty soon you will have 10, 20-min long videos that complete your very first $99 product! Also, make a simple 10min video that you will give away free. yes...for FREE! This is really IMPORTANT! I'll tell you why soon.

            Buy a domain (only .COM or .NET please). Have a guru make a website for you. Use (I worked w/ them in the past. Great bunch of dudes!) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... Do NOT make the site yourself, unless you already know how. Too much of a learning curve. Focus on generating products.

            ***VERY IMPORTANT - You want to tell the designers that you want a lead-capture site! Sometimes called opt-in sites. Remember the free video you made? Well that free video will be given as an incentive on the very first page of your lead capture site to visitors who 'Opt-in' to the content. Moreover, they have to give you their name and email address to access the content. This style of site works best because the visitor only has 1 choice to make. Opt IN or opt OUT. ***HINT - Give away your BEST material for free. Better the content the more emails you collect. Email and conversion is a whole lesson in itself but in a nutshell, you want to constantly build a list of people to sell to. Just in case they don't buy, you can keep them close to your online business via email autoresponder. Check out it's a free autoresponder.

            Ok, so now you have your product, your site, your autoresponder. Now you need marketing...

            Marketing - You can drive traffic via PPC from g00gle, msn, yahoo, and Bing. That's the fast way. I only recommend this if you study PPC. You can loose a lot of money very quick.
            Look into Mediabuys. This is where you can pop a window in front of anyone at any site you want for fractions of pennies. So lets say you do a make a product on Option Trading. Then you want to pop up ads on sites related to Option Trading. You want to advertise your FREE 10 minute video on groundbreaking techniques. On a side note you can market on Option Trading forums, Option Trading Facebook pages, Twitter, etc, etc.

            If you have great content the marketing will happen word-of-mouth and more and more people will link to your site talking about how good the content is. REMEMBER, you are just re-hashing other people's work and improving upon them. If you want to take it a step further, create UPSELLS and DOWNSELLS. An upsell might be a free 1 month trial to your membership site, or copy of another related product you made. If you don't make upsells and downsells you are seriously leaving a lot of money on the table. For now, focus on the basics and insert these later.

            The money to be made is invariably in the email list of visitors that gain trust through you via your amazing content. Someone in this thread mentioned Robert Kiwosaki (sp?). Someone asked him and Brandson and some others, if everything about their businesses was taken away from them, whats the FIRST thing they would do to re-build? The answer was to start building a list of people to sell to. Bottom line: Don't spam your list. Always email your list of people tips and tricks and gold nuggets of information. This keeps them close to your business. Only sell to your list via email after you have gained trust. They will be repeat buyers.

            IN CLOSING - If you can set up the model I've described above you WILL make THOUSANDS of extra dollars monthly. If you stick to 1 niche, you will eventually be seen as an authority (expert) and can do consulting and command tens of thousands of dollars.

            Even if making money online isn't for you, I do personally feel that the general principles of this concept should be mastered as it can apply to all business.

            Hope this helps.

            Now go out there and make some money!

            - GiraffePilot.


            - Fiver (outsourcing)
            - Odesk (outsourcing)
            - Senuke (SEO related)
            - Bookmarking demon (SEO related)
            - Dragon Naturally Speeking (Speak to type)
            - Audacity (for audio compressing)

            Want more? Ok. Here are some secondary ways to make money online: Domaining (or becoming a domainer). CPA (Cost per Action) Marketing. Writing articles for people who need content for their sites/blogs (check out Elance.c0m for this). Affiliate marketing to Porn sites via mediabuys. Flipping sites. Flipping Apps. YouTube advertising w/ Adsense. Writing Kindle Books. Creating physical products and selling them on Amazon.


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              In regards to point & click / survey sites the best in my opinion is swagbucks. The least I've made on there is $1 a day and the most is $5-$10 a day; though to make that kind of cash you have to either sit on your ass all day clicking through ads (which most people aren't willing to do) or get lucky with receiving surveys that pay out well.


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                The "make money from home" thing is just a scam, don't bother. See here


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                  Originally posted by alaconquete View Post
                  The "make money from home" thing is just a scam, don't bother. See here
                  Alaconquete, that link is to Wikipedia's take on Multi Level Marketing. I don't consider MLM making money online from home. MLM in my opinion is a people business.

                  With regard to making money online from home it is very possible indeed. I personally know 3 people in my life who are in the game full-time. I can you though that the most money to be made on the internet is by creating your own digital product or service and selling it online. For more info on this, see my post on the previous page. It's somewhat of a step-by-step blueprint for those that want to get their feet wet.


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                    Hell yes it works. 95% of new restaurants fail. Does that mean restraunterring can't work?

                    I used to browse warriorforums, and digitalpoint forums, and most people trying to make money would have some shitty little, same old copy-cat website with little outstanding, revolutionary, unique, or original concept that they could leverage into readers.

                    If you can get readers and traffic, you can make money -- it is as simple as that.

                    The days where you can "game the system" are over, and have a stupid little blog, and use "tricks" to get high in the search enginge rankings are over, or dying.

                    Two ways to do this, primarily (three if you are a good researcher and/or writer)

                    The first two require traffic. Can you have a high traffic website? Um, look at all the websites that are successful, and have lots of readers???? Hello?

                    1.) Affiilate marketing. There is no end to the number of affiliate products that are out there. Just do a little research to find products that are somewhat related to the topic of your site.

                    I was doing a site on authentic being, living, and self-development, and there are great products that I believe in, with affiliate programs for this topic.

                    Go to for a huge library of digital affiliate products. Be sure to promote only good products that you believe in to build and maintain the integrity of your website as it grows.

                    2.) Adesene and other ads. The money you make here depends on two things. One - the niche/theme of your site, and how much people pay for those clicks. Do some research with adwords. And two, traffic. Less can be more with ads. There are tons of great books by successful authors that talk about how to work ads into your site for the most impact.

                    3.) Writing a book, and promoting it through affiliate marketing. Basically, if there is some area you are passionate about (this helps) or competent in, or you are just a great resercher and can put in the time, you basically find an area that isn't something like say, programming in JAva (I mean, come on there are 10,000 books on this).... but something that is a more unknown or emerging and growing area -- or a "how to".

                    Basically, you write a great book, make a 3-10 page website for it, and set up affiliate processing through clickbank. You then promote your new book (and affiliate programs) in various ways, such as in your sig on relevant forums.

                    There are a lot of basic strategies for organically promoting your work and site -- blog networking -- article marketing (efficient, only if you use a paid service that distributes your articles (with your link to your site and book). A popular one among the successful people is to write say, a 30 page book, like "top 10 tips", or something that is like a preview series of essays for your book, and give it away for free on your site (you would market this with a picture ad on your sidebar). Lock it, so that people can't take it and insert their own affiliate link or something.

                    Or better yet, you can make this book available to rebrand to affiliates (they insert their own affiliate link, which appears at the bottom of every page), and they use it to help promote your book.

                    So the question is -- are you looking for a get rich easy/quick "technique", or a legitimate service/content/information website?


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                      I like how this topic is under Conspiracy Theories :D


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                        There are other possibilities than reading advertising. One is surebetting Basically you put opossing bets on different bet houses that have different betting lines, in a way that you always win, but an amount that is in a range of 0.2-4% more or less. The catch is you need a lot of accounts in different betting houses, you need to have money sitting there, and you need a website that tells you where to make a bet and when (one that automates most of the process is ). The betting houses start limiting you with time so you maybe can do this for around a year, but you can get like 800-1000 euro a month doing it a couple of hours a day.


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                          These scam are like pyramidal scams. You end up trying to make people click for you, as you are clicking for other people. I don't only mean "making them clicking". It can be on different way like writing a book that looks interesting "how to get rich staying at home".


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                            If you're a forex trader then yeah it definitely works! You just have to be smart about it.

                            Aynything else you see on adverts saying stay home a earn $5000 weeka re always scams


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                              I suppose that it will be a little bit difficult due to coronavirus pandemic all over the world. Maybe you should do it later? When it all ends. So, if you want to work from home you need to register it at first. It will be the first step after the planning of all business. By the way, you can look at this company formation firm from Singapore.


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                                Not that long ago, when i was inviting friends for my wedding, I had chance to met my colleague husband. he enlightened me how he earning the money. Feq posts earlier somebody said freelancer sites, and programming, front end develeping, this is exactly for hers husband do for a living, and he is doing great.