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What conspiracy theory do you believe?

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  • What conspiracy theory do you believe?

    I am actually curious about the response to this. I had a teacher in one of my classes that told me that almost everyone, regardless of how they feel about conspiracy theories, has at least one conspiracy theory that they believe, or at the very least think is plausible. I am actually curious what conspiracy theory the various members of the community actually believe.

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    All of them to some degree,,, Except flat earth, [email protected]& flat earther's


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      Trump is the good guy.


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        I'm with SUpper, given how much MSM has lied to us over the years, it's hard not to consider every single conspiracy theory seriously, EXCEPT flat earth. I think that's just another psy-op to test what's actually behind our breaking free of MSM mind programming.


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          To be honest, I am not into conspiracy theories and I know only about world government but I don't believe in it. I believe and astrology and often check compatibility of cancer. I know that it is not a conspiracy theory but many people think that it is. In contrast to conspiracy theory, astrology really works


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            Honestly none of them. Only think I find somewhat a possibility is moon landing. I believe we landed on the moon, I am just not sure when it happened for the first time.