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We need to talk about Sandy Hook.

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  • We need to talk about Sandy Hook.

    Friend of mine recently got me into researching various false flags -- never believed this stuff so seriously until I started looking at the critical analysis of the events.

    What's your opinion on Sandy Hook?

    Drove by Boston a few days ago, there's a giant anti-gun banner and a LED saying "xx,xxx" Americans have died from assault weapons since Sandy Hook -- makes me believe that it was a staged crisis event for gun control.

    Also, that number says 70,000 were killed. I really, really don't buy it.

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    I'm surprised we don't have more incidents like this given the proliferation of guns in the US...

    There really isn't a good reason for a normal citizen who does not hunt to own a fire arm. If the genie wasn't already out of the bottle I would be all for strict gun control, might be a little too late for anything at this point.


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      They don't need a staged event. There is an insane amount of mass shootings without it. The teen that murdered those kids was mentally ill period. Its a terrible event. And don't worry every time there is a mass shooting the children's parents beg the public for some kind of gun control legislation. But the NRA is one of the biggest conservative lobbying groups in the country. SO what happens money talks. They make people believe that the children's parents want to take away all their guns. But in reality most just want to close the private owner loophole. You know the one that makes it not necessary to get a background check if its a private sale. Obviously this loophole has contributed to many of these mass shootings. It also wouldn't have stopped sandy hook because that kid took the gun off his mom.


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        As much as mass shootings are used to argue for tougher gun laws to limit the availability of firearms, I could just as easily point out that a mass murderer's kill count could've been greatly diminished had more guns been available to upstanding citizens at the scene.

        Liberal spin at its slimiest.


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          It is so terrible. But we should be ready to protect ourselves, to protect our families. That's why we should know about guns, about different devices and how it is all works. Recently I have found some information about thermal clip-on-systems. Check it.


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            I'm not sure how to treat this at all. Such incidents are terrible. I'm hunting, but it would never occur to me to take my gun with night vision scopes and go shoot someone. Most often, I don't even kill animals, I just watch them through the scope. That's why I try very hard to keep my hobby a secret so that no one knows that I have a weapon at home.