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  • 5970: Asus rog amd/ ati pron

    Oh, go on, i'll not get in your way with this one...


    Asus' special edition custom Radeon HD 5970 card, also known as the ROG Ares, has finally been detailed and pictured (although just a render) over at muropaketti website. According to their info, the successor to Asus' Mars will feature quite a factory overclock and should easily become the fastest card that money can buy.

    Asus' dual GTX 285 Mars Limited Edition was quite an interesting card and has stirred quite some attention despite its ridiculously high US $1670 price tag. As you may already know, Asus is working on ROG Ares, a similar card, but based on the Radeon HD 5970 dual GPU solution.

    According to the info, the card will be as custom as it can be. It will feature a total of 4GB of GDDR5 memory, two for each GPU, paired up with a 2x256-bit memory interface. The memory will be clocked at 4800MHz, a 400MHz more than on regular HD 5970. The card has a total of 3200 Stream processors and a core clock of 850MHz. Bare in mind that the reference card was clocked at 725MHz in order to keep the thermals and the power consumption at acceptable levels.

    In order to feed this beast, you'll need two 8-pin and one 6-pin PCIe power connector so before you go shopping for one, first check your PSU. The cooler is designed from scratch, and in order to cool those two overclocked GPUs, Asus' will use a large 100mm fan paired with eight copper heatpipes and a large heatsink. Guys at muropaketti claim that it will even be quieter than the reference HD 5970 and that it will score somewhere around X14100 points in 3DMark Vantage, almost 30 percent more than the reference card.

    The precise launch date hasn't been revealed and neither was the price, although we can be sure that it will not come cheap.
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    FINNISH WEBSITE MUROPAKKETI has gotten its hands on a couple of pictures of Asusí upcoming ROG Ares graphics card and to call this a monster card would be to put it lightly. Although itís more or less an ATI Radeon HD 5970, Asus has tweaked the design and increased the clock speeds to be able to offer something out of the ordinary.

    The card itself is a custom design by Asus and it has no less than two 8-pin and one 6-pin power connectors. Although it looks massive, it doesnít appear to be any longer than a standard 5970, but itís a fair bit taller and might be hard to fit in some cases that arenít wide enough for this type of card. This isnít Asusí first attempt at a custom design dual GPU card though, but as with previous models, this is expected to be a limited edition.

    From what we can tell from the somewhat blurry PCB picture, Asus has added one DVI port, an HDMI port and what appears to be a DisplayPort as well. AMDís reference design on the other hand relies on a pair of DVI ports and a mini DisplayPort connector. Asus has also upgraded the power regulation by using four phase inductors, rather than the three phase inductors found on AMDís design. Considering the clock speeds this card is running at, the extra power phases are likely required for the card to run stable.

    Speaking of which, the clock speed of the GPUís is 850MHz, thatís 125MHz faster than on the standard 5970ís. Then thereís that small matter of Asus doubling the graphics memory from 2GB to a massive 4GB. This is as far as we know the first consumer graphics card to break the 4GB barrier. The memory is clocked at 1,200MHz, although this isnít much of a feat for GDDR5 memory and it might leave some space for some overclocking.

    One problem with the card is that it uses a 2.5 slot design, this means that it eats up three slots in your system. The reason for this is the massive heatsinks which appear to be made from solid copper and feature no less than three heatpipes each. A large fan is positioned in the middle of the card and the cooling design is very similar to that found on past dual GPU cards from Asus, such as the Extreme Dual N7800GT. Luckily this time around thereís no need for an external power adapter.

    Only a single benchmark score has leaked so far and itís 3DMark Vantage. The Ares scores X14104 on an unspecified test system, compared to X11000 for a standard 5970. This is a 28 percent improvement, but the question is if the extra cost will make it worthwhile. Weíre sure weíll see some overclockers getting their hands on these cards, but most mere mortals will only be able to dream about having one of these monster cards in their system.S|A

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    i thought ati marketed the poorer consumers of the graphics world, whats happening? 5970 is the most expensive card out


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      Originally posted by charli12 View Post
      i thought ati marketed the poorer consumers of the graphics world, whats happening? 5970 is the most expensive card out
      But for now it still has the crown in terms of absolute speed.