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Amd/ ati: Trillian to battle fermi...

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  • Amd/ ati: Trillian to battle fermi...

    Well, apart from the fact the recent RV800/ Evergreen series cards were a little late, thanks to a couple of quick fixes that were required... AMD/ ATI already is sitting on a next gen card to be launched sometime early 2011... In the meanwhile there has been a talk of OC'd 5870's with clocks upto 1Ghz (MSI's Lightning, where the hell are you???). Now, There're rumours of a review card being received by some press and not all... and this may be the new cards already(i'll be darned, if it is the case...), or rather boringly enough, a much anticipated tweaked Cypress core prepared on a somewhat maturing 40nm node.

    Well, either ways what it means for us end users is that we are going to have faster parts sooner than later


    We learned that some of AMD loyal press (not us) got samples of a card codenamed Trillian.

    Ever since the HD 5870 paper launch in Oakland, when we had a bit of an argument with ATI's PR chap, we never received any sample for them since we don't do what they want us to do. Well, that is called free press and I guess that we're willing to pay the price for it. We have lived through communism and censorship, and sorry, no matter how red you are or how hard you try, we're just not easy to impress or tame.

    Anyway, Trillian is a tuned HD 5870 card with slightly higher performance. Last year AMD boosted HD 4870 specifications with the HD 4890 1GHz card, and this is exactly what we expect this time around.

    We donít know if AMD plans to use the HD 5890 brand, but we would not be surprised if they do but what we are quite sure is that Trillian wonít be enough.

    The smart part of AMD knows that but they still have to play the game that Geforce GTX 480 is bad, evil and broken as they know that Nvidia should be able to challenge them, well once it finally launches Geforce GTX 480.