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Toshiba: 1tb ssd, size of a postage stamp

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  • Toshiba: 1tb ssd, size of a postage stamp

    Well, now what would you say about a SDD drive which has a capacity of 1TB with speeds upto 250 MB/s, power efficient and everything... Time now to put a bunch of these things together so it results in more pron for everyone of us


    JAPANESE ELECTRONICS OUTFIT Toshiba and Keio University in Tokyo have made a technological breakthrough that allows SSDs of up to 1TB capacity to be made the size of a postage stamp.

    That is about a 90 per cent reduction in size compared to a standard 2.5-inch hard disk drive.

    Boffins from Toshiba and Keio have managed to cram 128 NAND flash chips and one controller into this form factor and got it operating at a quoted two gigabits per second, or 250MBps.

    This makes it about as fast as standard consumer SSDs and the researchers claim that it is 70 per cent more power efficient than a typical SSD. Not only that, it is cheaper to produce because it is so small.

    The problem that will slow its adoption is that there are no industry standards for this technology yet, which will be needed for it to gain mass adoption.

    The technology is rivalled by the newly approved mSata SSD form factor based on the Samsung mini card, which is approximately the size of a business card.

    Toshiba and Keio University say their prototype should lead to a production ready version by 2012.