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Fermi: Cebit debut...

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  • Fermi: Cebit debut...

    Fermi will be debuting about CEBIT... Good news for all of us hardware nuts...


    Nvidia partners should be able to showcase the upcoming Fermi-based Geforce GTX 480 graphics card at Cebit, but we doubt that this will be the time for the official card launch.

    Nvidia's DirectX 11 architecture, codenamed Fermi, comes some six months after the first Radeon HD 5000-series card hit the market and in the past six months, ATI has managed to launch an entire DirectX 11 generation including the HD 57x0 series, the HD 56x0 series and most recently the HD 54x0 series.

    Nvidia has delayed its Fermi generation for unknown reasons, and the company does not want to discuss it at this time. However, the company does plan to finally launch its long-anticipated, single-GPU, next-generation cards in March. Despite Nvidia’s promise to have healthy availability at launch, we are quite sure that the products will be in short supply from its launch.