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Websites not working on all PC's

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  • Websites not working on all PC's

    Hi Guys (and Girls),

    I have a little problem atm.

    There are a few sites that i am able to view on one of my PC's and not the other (eg TL). They used to work on both but this problem has only happemed recently. I havent changed security software or anything and io have also tried disabling them anyway to no avail?

    I read somewhere to change the MAC address but this didnt seem to work.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    FWIW i am on a Wifi network

    Appreciate your input.

    Edit: I have noticed they work through a proxy? If this helps
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    Anyone have any idea? It really starting to shit me.

    I think maybe i have to reset my router but with all the port forarding and such i really couldnt be bothered!

    Thanks again


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      I doubt this will work, but u could always give it a shot. Try flushing the DNS on the computer your having trouble with, then try again. Open up command prompt > start > run > cmd. Then type this in cmd > ipconfig /flushdns. Then register dns > ipconfig /registerdns. Again im not sure what your issue is and i doubt this will help, but u could always try.