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Fermi ii: Remixed/ rehashed, to be with you in a year

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  • Fermi ii: Remixed/ rehashed, to be with you in a year

    Nvidia has no cause for concern, or so Jensen, the CEO would like us suckers to believe... ATI has had the DX11 market to itself now for almost a year and Nvidia is yet to respond to it. Yes, i said yet, as Fermi as of today is not available in the market and won't be for another month or so.

    Infact, Nvidia fucked up so bad, that Fermi in chosen benchmarks outperforms 5870 by not so much as to be a miracle. Yes, it is substantial, but is it substantial to withstand another onslaught in form of a refreshed rv800 from ATI? Nvidia has its own doubts. However, as badly as Nvidia fucked up, they seem to have learned from it and well, i'm glad to see that they are making amends. They are already working on a refresh/ revision of the Fermi gen which should see the daylight in about a years time. Finally Nvidia is giving us hardware nuts a reason to not lynch Jensen and maybe even pass a smile


    If all goes well, the second generation Fermi architecture should be coming in late 2010. Since Fermi is Nvidia’s big transition that got delayed, it looks like Nvidia plans to have two new major generations in a single year. Traditionally the new chip comes in one year and roughly 12 months after the company is ready to launch faster version of the same chip, with more muscle.

    We also learned that the mainstream Fermi won’t be significantly delayed from the original plan and we hope to see GF100-based GT300 single-chip card in March of this year.

    By November Nvidia should be ready to announce its new architecture, but this time we only know that Fermi is the first step in new architecture development that should stay with us for a few years. G92 foundations lasted almost three years and we expect that Fermi and future Fermi chips in next few years to feature the same fundamental design.

    After all this is what ATI and Nvidia have been doing for quite some time now. If Nvidia doesn't push second generation Fermi to a later date, you should see these chips by Q4 2010