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  • Stoned Bootkit

    Hi everyone, I thought I would make my first thread in this section as it's certainly where my expertise lie.

    I'm not sure if everyone is aware of a bootkit or what it is but it effectively replaces the original boot loader with one coded by another third party. By using the modified boot loader it effectively bypasses the kernel and can run at a lower level than any antivirus would be able to detect. lt would enable an attacker to collect information without you even knowing it.

    stoned bootkit does exactly that and can be used to install a trojan or any other malicious software that you would like to put on. This effectively means that with even the latest of antivirus definitions you would not be able to detect it as it runs at kernel level.

    With stoned bootkit you also bypass any truecrypt encryption that you may have on the volume and with the latest exploit of .pdf files it would enable the stoned bootkit to execute and run on a computer without you knowing it.

    I just wanted to let you know a little bit about what is going on in the world of POC activity and share with you how attackers are looking at getting past your standard antivirus software that you may think is completely protecting your computer