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Fermi: Duology & twin monster

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  • Fermi: Duology & twin monster

    Two Fermi based single GPU's would be coming along to roll the ball initially... to keep it rolling will come a twin monster... wha do you call something which is upto no good makes a lot of noise, wastes a lot of electricity and produces a lot of heat... I'm just messing with ya Nvidia fans... Truth be told... am looking forward to that being released soon... It is time for my graphic upgrade and i'm waiting for the new chippery to come along and prices to drop before i spend the money. Especially when it means spending about half my month's salary and more on it Yes, we really do work for peanuts in India


    Fermi GF100 is a single chip GT300-based 40nm DirectX 11 card. Nvidia plans to launch two cards that will aim to replace Geforce GTX 285 and Geforce GTX 260 in enthusiast and performance markets respectively, while the high-end dual-chip Fermi card will come after.

    We donít know how much later the dual-GPU should launch, but it should happen within one to two months. If all goes well and it doesnít get delayed, we can hope to see it by May. Around that time, ATI might be ready with its refreshed 40nm cards that might have more juice and could compete better. However, this is only after Nvidia finally launches its GT300, Fermi-based products.

    It is definitely not fun to be in Nvidia's shoes, especially when it comes to the desktop graphics card market.