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Fermi: Feeling hot hot hot!

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  • Fermi: Feeling hot hot hot!

    All you greenheads have a new target, Nvidia's big and heavy powerpoint slide as of now, but soon to be released Fermi. [IMG]http://www.****************.org/images/voodoo/smilies/tongue.gif[/IMG]

    And we thought we've seen everything when 5970 came along. [IMG]http://www.****************.org/images/voodoo/smilies/biggrin.gif[/IMG]

    Read more at Fudzilla

    We got some thin information on Nvidia Fermi and our sources have strong reasons to believe that Fermi will probably end up hotter than the previous single chip generation, including Geforce GTX 285.

    Fermi is a big chip, so this doesn't come as much surprise. As long as it runs stable, people won’t complain about it too much. We’ve seen the card in person at least twice so far and we can tell that the first one we saw has a dual-slot air cooler and runs quite hot. However, this might not be the final revision that should ship later this quarter.

    You can only imagine how hot the dual-GPU card will get, and yet Nvidia still plans to make it.